Pregnant Ladies Can U Please

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suzie - January 10

I was just wondering if all u pregnant ladies could please post you earliest DPO sysmptoms?


ekay - January 10

I am 3 days late (and positive) and the only symptoms I have are cramping and darkened areolas (just today started) I am a little queasy, that started today also. I knew I was pg though because I had implantation bleeding on January 3rd (last Monday)


Beth - January 11

I am sorry, map I ask what DPO is?


Lucky1 - January 11

I began getting symptoms (b___st tenderness, insomnia, crazy dreams, mild cramping, wierd cravings) about 4 DPO. I tested (Faint Positive) 9DPO. Got a definite positive 13 DPO (Jan 2nd).


To Beth - January 11

DPO = Days Past Ovulation


Beth - January 11

Thanks for the info, sorry I am kind of new to this. ..:0). And for Suzie I was 10 DPO when I found out I was pg :0)


Jo - January 12

I ovulated on dec 13, started having symptoms on dec 24, took test on the 26th, positive! Nice xmas gift huh? i had nausea, fatigue and b___st tenderness.


trancy - January 17

hey ladies...what kind of test did ya'll take to show up sooooo early in the pregnancy? Cause I'm in the waiting stage!!!! Need help!!!


Lucky1 - January 18

First Response


Julie - January 18

I used first response also. I got a positive at about 1.5 weeks past date period was due. I tried one right around the first day of missed period and got a negative. My earliest DPO symptom I noticed is strange smelling urine, sounds weird I know, but that's what I noticed.........then bbs tenderness but I always get that with period so wasn't surprised. Now I am 4w6d and am a bit queasy and crampy


sarah - January 20

i am 5 weeks and 3 days and i tested positive 3 days after my missed period. yep..the same urine smelt a bit wierd..i was afraid that i was developing an yeast infection or soemthing...but thank god....and also my b___st felt tender.. Good luck everyone


Nicky - January 20

I had no signs, and I could hardly believe I was pregnant because I had (what felt like) cramps! But light headedness and feeling overwhlemed was an issue for many weeks.



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