Pregnant Winter Baby

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nov.mommie - April 3

Anyone due date Nov 5, 2005? first child here


j - April 4

yep, due nov. 22nd with my first. I am not excited to be pregnant through the summer....ahhhh!!!!


C - April 4

I am due Nov 11th - with baby #4 ( I feel like I should be a pro at all this) lol This is the first time I will be really pregnant over the summer though...winter baby, yep I am already thinking how I will feel housebound!


Mythili - April 4

I am due November 15... My first pregnancy. I don't know how I am gonna handle summer and pregnancy


Been there - April 4

Late August might be a little uncomfortable, but you will be in your second trimester for summer and that's when you feel the very best. All those people delivering September babies are the ones that will be sweltering.


Kelly K - April 4

I'm due November 4th. I'm dreading the Memphis summer heat while pregnant too. I'm going to be miserable.


Carol - April 4

I'm due November 25. Although, I live in the south, I am not too worried about the heat of the summer. I will only be in second trimester so it should be okay. If it was the third - probably won't be too pleasant!


Nikki - April 4

I'm due Nov. 16th! I'm excited to be pregnant during the summer. Can't wait to wear a bikini!


brandiabbott29 - April 4

Hi I am 28 and this is my first, Im sooo scared, my due date is Nov. 25th. Keep in touch with me. I need to talk to someone who is going threw this at the sametime. Brandi [email protected]


Jessica - April 4

Brandi, I am also due on November 25th. This will be my first after having a miscarriage in January. I am so scared but excited at the same time! Have you been to the OB yet?


Steph - April 5

I am also having my first and due on the 24th of November. I am very excited and not too nervous about the summer time. My cousin just had a baby last fall/winter and she told me to just remember to stay active whether its just walking everyday or swimming or something, dont just sit around because then you will feel worse than you really are :) Keep us all posted.


Another Nov Mommy - April 5

I am due with my first baby November 14th. I am also nervous about the Summer, I live in HOT Houston, TX.


Nadine - April 5

Due Nov. 6th!! My first. Excited and very, very nervous!!


KAP - April 5

Yep, Nov 1st. this is my second.


lilmum - April 5

due nov. 24th, and very excited about my due date. My last baby was born the last week of August. Boy was that awful!


RG - April 5

First baby...overweight and due 11/11. Wondering how this heat and weight is going to be! Whew...I'm ready though, anything to get this baby! :) Air Conditioner bill may be THROUGH THE ROOF though! he he he



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