Pregnant With No Symptoms Is This Ok

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meg - October 19

I'm only about 4 1/2 weeks pg., which I know is quite early, but besides no AF & knowing that my beta has doubled, I would not even know that I was pg. Is this normal??? Every now & then I have very slight cramping, but that's it. I hear other people talk about sore bbs, extra discharge, & so on. I don't go back for another beta test until Tuesday, & by then hopefully it'll be high enough so I can get an ultrasound! Anyone else pg. w/ no symptoms?? Thanks!


gabby509 - October 19

Meg, don't worry. I am 7 weeks and my symptoms around 4 weeks consisted of being tired. Once I hit 6 weeks the morning sickness, the sore bbs, and almost all the rest of the symptoms began. But on the other hand when I went in to the dr yesterday there was a lady I was talking to and she said she was 4 months along and had no morning sickness, and barely any symptoms. So don't worry, everyone is different.


ROBYN - October 19

Meg - dont worry i am 20 weeks and barely had any symptoms at all. Except for my little man moving around now and my b___bs hurting well the tiredness too LOL i wouldnt know either. Its very common some people just dont get symptoms and some people get tons it doesnt mean anything is wrong with the pregnancy you could just luck out.


Cevvin - October 20

My pg symptoms did not come up until the 8th week or so. If you go with out, consider yourself lucky. Congratz and good luck.


Deb - October 20

I'm 5.5 weeks and still have few symptoms. I am more tired than usual but I don't have sore b___bs or anything. With my last pregnancy, I remember feeling the same way and then at 6 - 6.5 weeks BAM! Fatigue and nausea hit me like a transport truck! Enjoy your time right now, because you might feel like c___p very soon. Or you may be one of the lucky ones. I have a friend who had no symptoms or morning sickness with any of her three pregnancies. Lucky girl!


erenimi - October 20

My symptoms didn't hit untill 6 1/2 weeks, so you could still get them. For now be thankful, and eat all your favorite foods, because who knows if you'll be able to keep them down in two weeks.


Gemini_Girl - October 20

Congrats on yur pregnancy :) you should make the most of your symptom free stage! my m/s kicked in when I was around 8wks, I wasnt throwing up just felt tired and sick and couldnt eat properly lasted for about 4 weeks!



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