Pregnant With Toddlers

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flower.momma - May 17

Hey, just wanting to chat some more exhausted and blissful ladies who are expecting a baby and taking care of one at the same time. My daughter, Poppy is 17 months old and I am 11 weeks along. How are you guys dealing with the extra stress and joy this time around?


San_dee - May 17

Hi im 12 wks along and i have also a 17mnth old, im having a little trouble dealing with it as my boy wants attention and all i wanna do is lie around and sleep, plus the hormones have been getting the better of me lately too


olivia - May 17

hi i am 9 weeks and have a 9 month old. I am not dealing well with the exhaustion and taking care of my dd. I feel like any chance I get for someone else to watch her I take it. I am just barely getting through the days and waking up is torture. I hope it gets better during my second trimester. My husband is helping a ton but I just feel so lousy for not spending more quality time with my dd.


flower.momma - May 17

Wow, it sounds like you guys are having a tough time. I'm not too bad, my nausea and fatigue kind of went away last week and so I feel pretty good. Also, San_dee, when is your son's birthday? My daughter was born on Dec. 16, and my due date with this one is the 7th.


babybird - May 17

I have a 3 year old boy and a 2 year old boy and I'm now 6 weeks pregnant with my third. My first two are 20 months apart so I know what you're going through. It can be very hard at times when you're tired or sick. The only advice I have is to sleep when your daughter naps. And maybe try to go to bed earlier than usual. That should make you feel better during the day so you can enjoy your daughter and your pregnancy at the same time!


San_dee - May 17

Hi, my son birthday is december the 8th and my due date is 25th november,


San_dee - May 17

btw in regards to your other post i swear ive been feeling the baby move since 9wks, you dont know how many people tell me thats impossible, but its definately not gas!!!


flower.momma - May 17

That is so good to hear. Thank you. Also, have you noticed that some women can only conceive around the same time of year. I know 2 women who's babies will be 2 years apart, and one who's babies will be 1 year apart, poor thing.


San_dee - May 18

oh noo poor thing, we planned both of ours, first one it took two months and this time we conceived on the first month. One of my friends just recently had her second baby, she got pregnant when her first was only 3 months old, making them a year apart aswell. i dont think i could handle that, have 17month old running around is exhausting as it is..... but im starting to feel a little better now, and i just have a nap when he has a morning nap aswell but i know he get bored tho...


pania - May 18

Hi, everyone.... like everyuone else I have other children... a 3 year old and a 4 year old, my boys are 15 months apart. I am also 11 and a half weeks. I am just coming out of the tiredness stage and am able to cook, clean, work and spend a great deal of quality time woth the boys again. So life goes on. Dont worry it does get easier. Congratulations Everyone!!!


HannahBaby - May 18

Hi everyone. I am 19 weeks pregnant and have a 16 month old (i got pregnant around her first birthday) Ill tell you the first trimester was hell. I had an office job and had to quit because lifting my daughter and sitting in a computer chair was too much on my back. I planned on quitting after the baby anyway but just couldent do it anymore. I was so tired that it was unreal and was very sick (though i doubt that had anything to do with another baby) But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It was a like a miracle as soon as i turned 13 weeks i perked right up, My terrible back pain was gone, my fatigue was gone along with the constant sickness. I feel great and hope all you ladies do sometime in the near future


flower.momma - May 18

Who all is crying at the drop of a hat? I feel so bad because whenever I cry, my daughter looks at me like "oh no". She comes and tries to make me feel better, and then I feel so guilty. The good news is, she said "I love you." for the first time yesterday, actually more like "Ayayay!", but she has the tone right. That makes it all worth it. I have my first Dr.'s appt. today and I am so excited to hear the heart beat!!!


flower.momma - May 20

I had my first Dr. appt yesterday. The midwife had a hard time finding the heartbeat, but then finally found it. The baby was tucked away on my left side under one of my major blood vessels, so the sound of blood rushing through that vessel was muffling the baby's heartbeat. It sounded healthy, but they couldn't calculate how fast it was. It was sad because my dd had an explosive poopy diaper right before my appt. that got all over her and my dh's clothes, so they had to wait in the hot car for about 2 hours and din't get to hear it. Also, They said my new due date is Nov. 29. Yeah!


San_dee - May 21

oh true!! its only 4 days after my due date lol, i had an appt this morning, finally heard the hb, dr never said how fast it was just said it was healthy and strong, he couldnt find it two weeks ago, dr said it must have been hiding real good... ah im so relieved. Have an ultrasound in 3 weeks yay



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