Prenatal Vitamin Suggestions

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flybaby926 - February 12

I know I should already be taking them (I'm now just taking a regular multivitamin), but the prenatal vitamins are all so expensive!! Any suggestions for quality/ value OTC prenatal vitamins?


Danielle - February 12

I know how expensive the prenatal vitamins can be, do you have a walmart or a Costco near you? I found those to be the cheapest places for them. For right now though make sure you are getting enough Iron, folic acid and Calcium through food along with you're regular multi-vitamins. My doctor said it's better to be taking something then nothing but do try and get prenatal ones as soon as you can.


cheap ones - February 13

Hi I found cheap prenatal vitamins at they are by the store rite aid. check them out, they are pretty good, and cheap!


flybaby926 - February 13

Thanks for your advice. I just found that Walgreens, near me, also has some decent prenatal vitamins.


Maleficent - February 13

look for 600mig of folic acid or more. there is nothing wrong with generic brands, they are just as good. i got some at K-mart of all places. 250 tablets for about $5.


Kathleen - February 15

My dr. has me taking 2 Flinstone children's vitamins. I couldn't keep the prenatals down with my last one.


deb - February 18

Wal-Mart has some prenatal vitamins that aren't to expensive and they have all the needed vitamins so I guess they are okay. My doc prescribed mine for me and they are great. You take one in the morning to help keep you from being sick and one at night to finish up the rest. I don't recall the name of them but you should ask your doc maybe they can get you some samples.


BBK - February 18

Prima Care. They are prescription and worth the $. Problem with OTC's is that they're not carefully formulated. For example they put Calcium and Iron together and they both end up in your urine. Most good multi-vitamins will have an AM and a PM pill because the antagonist nutrients need to be separated.


Angela - February 21

What ever vit. you take make sure it meets all requariments I would recomend talking to your doctor to have them sudgest one. It needs to have so much floic acid and a few other things. Most of the over the countar viatmins do not or misslabled so talk to your dr. it is so important to have the best during this time. At least that is my opinoin



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