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Charlibabe - December 28

Okay I have a lot of trouble taking prenatal vit. It makes me extremely nausious. Like an hour later I throw up to the point to where my stomache aches from it. So I haven't taken them for a lil while because I am so tired of it. I know they are really important to take so do guys have any suggestions or anything?? I know some people have told me to take them with food, and that doesn't help...and to make sure to drink lots of water which I do...SO I am soooo lost!! My next doctors app. is in a week or so...I am going to ask him but any thing helps!!! Thx, Charlotte aka charli


Sarahelf - December 28

There are liquid prenatal vitamins out there. Check with your local pharmacy about the availability and talk to your doctor about using this as an alternative. There are some very MILD difference between the oral pill and the liquid version.


mjvdec01 - December 28

Ask your doctor about childrens chewables. There are a lot of women in here that have had the same problem as you and were told by there OB's to take the childrens chewables, like flintsones vitamins. You have to take a vitamin. Folic as vital in the early weeks especially for proper brain development. If I were you I would go out and get some chewables today and start taking them. Also, call your OB and let him/her know now. I am sure your OB wouldn't mind be paged after hours for a problem like this. Good luck.


mjvdec01 - December 28

meant to say, "folic acid is vital in the early weeks...


Charlibabe - December 28

Thank You! I will go pick some up today! and I will ask my doctor as soon as I can


CarrieM - December 28

I like the over-counter Spring Valley. They are gentle to my stomach.


kay101 - December 28

Take either two flinstones vitamins (the kind that come in the yellow box taste the best!) or try taking the prenatal before you go to sleep. You can also cut it in half and take part in the morning and part at night.


boodahbaby - December 29

There is a whole foods vitamin out there that is made from food and not some scientific concoction! They are so gentle on your stomach bc its like eating real food. Go to your local health food store and they will help you out. They are totally approved by doctors to have everything you need in them. New Chapter makes a great one. They are expensive, but worth it to get the needed stuff! Also, before I started taking those, I took my prenatal vitamin before i went to sleep at night with maybe a slice of cheese or some sort of protein. That was before I was pregnant though. Let me know if that helps. Good Luck!


treshala - December 29

Try the gummi kid vitamins. those may work better for you. My doctor had me take 3 a day in the 1st tri cause the others made me sick as well. Also...dont worry if you CANT take them because in the 1st tri your baby WILL get all the nutrients it needs even if it gets them from YOU. Dont worry about if you are hurting the baby by missing the vitamins 1st tri because my doctor re-re a__sured me several times in the beginning that it wouldnt hurt a thing. Try to pick up w/ prenates 2nd tri :)


treshala - December 29

And yeah taking the prenates at night may help you


blondie30 - December 29

My Dr. gave me TandemOB. They are very gentle on my stomach. You may want to check those out. Ask your Dr. to give you samples of different kinds and see which you are able to keep down. Good Luck!! :)


EricaG - December 29

2 flintstones chewables, one in the morning and one at night will help with not making you nauseous and will get you the proper nutrients.


Charlibabe - December 30

I started taking the flinstone vit. They are working much better! I can actually keep them down. THANK you for all your advice, Im glad I asked.


mjvdec01 - December 30

I am so glad to hear that!


treshala - December 30

Im glad sweetie :) Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy :)



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