Prenatal Vitamins Anyone Else Having Problems

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kristenk0329 - January 22

This week has been dreadful trying to swallow my massive prenatal vitamin pill. Can anyone recommend a particular brand that maybe has smaller pills? My current is a GNC brand but each day as I become more nauseas, the pill is harder to swallow.


Trena - January 22

I am having trouble taking them also, but its because they are making my M/S worse. Several people have told me to try the Flintstone vitamins for children...I did try them and they too make me sick because of the chalky taste. Good Luck on taking them in the future. :) :) :)


Trena - January 22

Kristen...just wanted to let you know that I just read the "Prenatal Vitamins Forum" and a lady made the comment that "Flintstones doesn't have everything that you need during your first trimester." I really do not know one way or the other...I just know that the Folic Acid is the most important. Just wanted to past along this info to you. :) You may want to check that Forum out.


Deb - January 23

I used One Source from Walmart. They are small pink pills and easy to swallow.


KLB - January 23

I also use the One Source ones. They arent that small, they are rod shaped.. I hate swallowing pills so it makes it harder to take them but if you fill your mouth up with alot of water, you cant even feel it =]


Brooke F - January 23

I am using Duet , and its not that big, but also helps with morning sickness. These you also can cut if you are having problems. Just as your OB he/she can tell you what else to use. Good luck!


Justine - January 23

kristen - i wasn't able to take my prenatals at all during most of my 1st trimester because of severe morning sickness. my dr recommended that i just take folic acid as they are much easier and smaller to take and although it's not ideal it's better than taking nothing at all.


iakram - January 23

hi i know they are horid. here is canada we have this big horse pills called materna...i know they are hard to swollow but i take them right before i go to bed and lay down immediately. that really helps.


Been There - January 23

My pills are Natafort, prescription vitamins. They aren't that big, however, I can't stand taking them. The after taste drives me crazy. So I keep a piece of candy nearby to suck on right after I swallow them.


taterbaby - January 23

The prenatal vitamins were making me queasy even before the morning sickness kicked in. Now I take them at night just before I go to bed. i haven't had any further problems.


carol23 - January 23

My prenatal vitamins were making me sick as well. I had to stop taking them during the day and now take them at night before i go to bed. It helps. A friend of mine said that her doctor first prescribed the big horse pills first, then she went back to him and said she couldn't swallow them and that he then prescribed her prenatal chewables. Luckily, i can swallow big pills, but they do leave an after taste. Luckily, the aftertaste mine leave are apple.


GLORIA - January 24

I was taking One Source from Wal- Mart too...My Doctor said that wasn't enough. They make a chewable kind of pre-natal vitamins that my doc. put me on. I'll get the name and post it later. Also it helps if you do take it before going to bed. I take mine about two hours before I go to bed with a big gla__s of Orange Juice. And right before I lay down to sleep, which the vitamins are already absorbed into my body, I then eat a bowl of sherbet ice cream or drink a milk shake or drink some ovaltine...Then I sleep like a baby...


Angelaw. - January 24

Hi kristen, I have a huge phobia of taking large pills. With both my first pregnancy and this one, I have been taking 2 Flintstones vitamins at night with an additional supplement of folic acid. Both of my OB/GYN have said that this is perfectly fine, and a common solution to the problem of swallowing large pills. If you are concerned about whether or not you are getting enough of each vitamin, make a chart comparing the amounts of 2 flintstones and 1 prenatal. With almost everything, you will find that you actually get more than what is in your prenatal- which by the way should also be completely fine if you have a normal pregnancy. It does also help to have some hard candy or something to eat right afterward to help get rid of the taste. However, I did not know that there were perscription chewables, so if you can get those, that would be great too.



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