Prenatal Vitamins Dangerous

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star - April 7

hi, girls! my Q is it seems like everytime i take my prenatal vitamin, i start spotting and will have some pain in my stomach, like the muscles just cant stretch anymore. i woundered if i could have some weird reaction to them. the doctor said the baby looks fine has a strong heartbeat of 171, but there is bleeding outside my placenta. the only explanation why was sometimes the body just wants to get rid of the pregnancy. to me there is a cause for it. could it be that i have an infection thats gone untreated? anybody with any expanation will be heplful. thank you!


Misty - April 7

I am amazed that your doctor isn't doing anything to try to put your mind at ease. You told her you thought it might be because of the vitamins and did she say anything about that. I would talk to another doctor if you really think it is the vitamins doing it. I have never heard of it happening before but maybe you are having some kind of reaction. Why do you think it is the vitamins though? Try not taking them for a day and if you don't have pain or spotting that day then definately see another doctor.


star - April 7

hi misty! thanks for writing. well the doctor hasnt given me any explanation for the spotting but i was put at risk to m/c. but they say the babys fine, so i took in my own hands to try and figure it out and it seems when i take the pill the spotting starts and when i dont take it it goes away. i havent had stomach pains anymore either since i stopped them too.i know they make me real sick. but maybe im just paraniod.


Prenatal Vitamins - April 7

Since the 29th, I have been sick as a dog. Well, Wednesday, I got up and I seemed to be fine. While I was happy about it, I was scared that since I lost my symptoms, I may have lost the baby. Fortunately, I had my u/s yesterday and everything is where it should be. The only thing that I had changed was I didn't take my prenatal vitamin. I haven't taken it for 2 days and I have been feeling so much better. Well, I decided to take it again today and within 45 minutes I was feeling sick again and I actually threw up. I had not thrown up at all. That right there was the deciding factor that I am not taking that vitamin anymore. I picked these up at Walmart. They are by OneSource. I liked them because they were small and easy to swallow; however, if they are going to make me sick and missing days of work, I guess I'd rather take a horse pill.


Milissa - April 8

STAR> There are all kinds of Prenatal Vits out there. you could try getting a prescription? I take target kind now, but with my first pregnancy I took walmart brand. YOU NEED those vitamins! because of that folic acid!!! if your docctor IS NOT doing there job as a doctor BY ALL MEANS GET A New one! Good luck"


star - April 8

so it is ok to go to walmart and get some of there over the counter vitamins,and they will not hurt anything? do i need to even ask my doctor? i know i need them and if they wont hurt anything i will go today and pick some up. any brand suggestions?


Carol - April 8

I take the walmart vitamins and they do not make me sick, In fact, I have had a realtively symptom free pg so far (8weeks).. I told my doctor I was taking those and she said it was fine. There really isn't a big difference between them - they mostly want you to get the folic acid. My doc said the key was finding a brand that worked for me. I would try those.


milissa - April 8

STAR> I thought you said you were taking walmart brand and they were making you sick??? I would try target or go to GNC or a health store and try a good brand from them they may be a little on the pricie side but if they work for you then there you go... its all about what works for you and the baby... good health to you


D - April 8

:-) glad the walmart ones worked for someone, they made me miserable. I think the point is, we all are different, and don't be afraid to try different brands to get the right one for you. Also try taking them different times of the day - no time worked for me either! I ended up having to quit taking them at all for now, since they were making me so sick. My doctor said it defeated the purpose of vitamins if I was eating nothing because of them. She'd rather I get some natural vitamins out of foods... I hope you have better luck than me!


jacqui - April 8

Hi, The vitamins are really important to the growth of your baby and to you as the baby takes alot out of your diet to grow and develop and help to support both of you. The prenatal vits. made me very nauseated, & constipated (need increased fiber as well!!)as! sick as being sick as a dog. I told my Dr. and she wrote me a Rx for pregvit. not over the counter. vit. You take one twice a day. It spilts up the doses so it not as strong ( the large dose of Iron can really make you sick) but gives you the right amount for the day plus the folic acid is very important!!! good luck and hope all a wonderful prenancy!!!


star - April 8

thank you all for your advice and stories. its very much appreciated. im on vacation right now but when i get back im giong to get back on the vit. that was given to me my past two preg. it seemed to work for me. popped out two 8 pound babies! but in the meantime im going to walmart later and picking up some there to hold me over. i know how importatnt it is to take them. the kind i was taking was called prenantal plus.( vitamin and mineral tab.) prescribed by doc.



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