Prenatal Vitamins What If Any Are You Taking

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J.J. - February 21

My first pregnancy I only took folic acid and my dr said I didn't need to take anything else. But then I ran into people who were shocked to hear that I didn't take any prenatal vitamins. Just wondered what if anything you are taking? And was it prescribed or over the counter?


AmySmoak - February 21

Mine are prescribed. They are called Prenate Elite.


maliwan - February 21

My Dr told me to take only folic acid for the first 3 months, but that's because I got m/s from the prenatal vitamin, I tried taking a prenatal tablet again yesterday, and it still really made me sick, is there any other brands that sooth the tummy better?


tk07 - February 21

hi! my Dr gave me prescription for Premisis prenatals. they don't have everything like a normal one would. it has extra b6 to help with m/s and folic acid and some calcium. maybe ask them about that? now i take ones that have all of the vitamins needed and an extra one that comes with it with omega3 since i don't eat fish. but folic acid is the most important thing right now!


maliwan - February 21

thanks tk, will check with my Dr about the Premisis prenatals. How far along are you now? I just heard his heart beats for the first time yesterday, all teared up. So happy!!!


Brittany3715 - February 21

I'm just taking the one source walmart brand and they are fine form my knowledge, i took them during my entire last pregnancy.


Cojeom - February 22

If I were you JJ, I would take an additional prenatal vit. It's like insurance just in case you don't get enough from your food cause your to tired, or you just don't feel like eating all the right things. Whatever isn't absorbed by your body will be flushed out by your many trips to the bathroom. The only vitamin that is toxic to you would be vit A in extremely high doses (10,000-15,000mg) , but that vit is toxic to EVERYONE at that amount. I take a GNC prenatal, it has everything I need, and I take one with breakfast and 1 with dinner to keep from getting sick!!!!! And when I am sick feeling, I take a children's chewable, it tastes good and it is packed full of vit's. Hope this helps anyone......


DownbutnotOUT - February 22

I take materna vitamins, calcium, and iron (I was anemic my last 2 pregnancies and had low normal counts this time around). All of which I can buy right off the shelf.


Amandalynn - February 24

When I called my dotor to arrange a first visit she told me to go buy over the counter prenatals. I got mine at Wal-Mart. I just seen my doc the other day for the first time and she said the over the counter prenatals were fine and to continue taking them. I was told that many prescribed prenatals can make you sick. I haven't had any problems with mine. Good LUck!!



My doctors told me to just pick up a bottle at Costco. I ended up also just picking up big bottle at Walmart...Spring Valley...Prenantal....


akmomma - February 25

Vitamins are insurance for your body, just in case you don't get what you need thru your diet....But yes, every woman, PG or not should take them. I take twinlab prenatel vit.s found at local grocery store or twinlab stores. There are the only ones I have found that don't give me a super bad tummie ache...And I take them after food and right before bed...that seems to help too...GOOD LUCK!


aliciavr6 - February 25

Some people with healthy diets I don't think its necessary to take prenatal vitamins. I couldn't swallow the ones that were prescribed to me cuz they are HUGE so I had to take Flintstones Complete.


afireinsideamanda - February 28

im taking prenatal vitamins. they seem to help withmy morning sickness a bit SOMETIMES. but i suggest eating a bit before you take them. um, this is my first pregnancy but theyre keeping my baby happy healthy=) mine were prescribed. i think you should get your ob to prescribe you some, just to be for sure.=)


MrsShelton217 - February 28

The main reason prenatals make a lot of women sick is the amount of iron that are in them. I know this will sound silly... BUT if you can't keep them down... trying taking 2 flintstone vitamins (the kind without iron) each day. One in the morning, and one at night. This is totally safe. My OB/gyn suggested I do this b/c I stayed sick w/ the other vitamins. I actually never went back to prenatals... I stayed on the flintstones the whole pregnancy


SarahMarie99 - February 28

mine are prescribed... they are really nice yet smell bad. They are called Natafort



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