Prenatal Vitamins Amp Nausea

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D - March 14

Does anyone know of a prenatal vitamin to try that causes less nausea? I've been sick pretty much all the time for over a month now, and when I skipped the vitamins for two days in a row, I felt wonderful... of course, I'm taking them again because I know I need them!


Robyn - March 14

Mine do the same thing, take them in the evenings right before you go to bed, that way they work through your system before you get up in the morning. If that doesnt work ask your doc for some with less iron in them, its the iron that is a lot of the times the culprit and hard to digest. Good Luck!


D - March 14

I'll have to ask her... I have been taking them in the evening... Its hard to keep feeling so miserable when I know how to solve it.... The things we do....


C - March 15

Prenatal are a good thing they are for those who don't eat properly and don't have enough vitamins and sometimes too much of a viatamin can be a overload and make you feel worse I take mine every other day, if you never been deficency of anything you probally can do the same.


Heidi - March 16

I saw my doc yesterday and she said to start taking them every other day as I described my symtoms and that metallic taste in my mouth and she said the pills were causing it. She said every other day is perfectly safe and I do eat pretty good so not to worry. I skipped one last night and I had so much energy when I woke up and had an appet_te!!!! I don't feel sick at all! I think I'll take my next one at dinner time instead of before bed on an empty stomach too. They're so gross. I have the chewable kind so I really get the full taste. Yuck. I can't swollow horse pills though :(


Reba - March 16

I took vitamins that said to take on an empty stomach and they caused me to be sick......I found one at walmart that said take on a full stomach...i did not have any trouble....just have to find one that works...if it makes you sick..try another....but you need to take them..also consider more folic acid if you are in your 1st trimester


amber - March 16

the prenatal vit. made me very sick when i was pregnant, (had my daughter 7 1/2 wks ago) i was told to take flinstone vit. insead, my baby is healthy and i was perfectly fine as far as being sick... good luck


Kristin - March 17

Take Duet-Dha prenatal vitamins, they are the newest ones on the market and help with body,brain and eye development. Drink a gla__s of orange juice and take them right beofr you go tosleep.


marcia - March 17

I get the same thing. Nausea with those prenatal vitamins. I don't take them everyday. I eat a bowl of Total cereal and mix it with All Bran cereal. Gives you all the vitamins you need and the All Bran provides the extra folic acid. It's good! and eases my queasy feeling.


M.C - March 17

I have been really sick and my doctor told me to take 2 flinstones a day that's equal to 1 prenatal and the taste is so much easier on your stomach


heather - March 18

stuart natal plus!!!!!!! my husband works at a pharmacy works great


D - March 18

Yippee! I just got back from my appt - my doc says to stop taking the vitamins! I've lost weight from not being able to eat, so she says to try some regular chewables (like Flintstones) I'm so happy! I'm hoping I'll start feeling better now!


Ruth - March 19

I experimented with taking the vitamins at different times during the day. I learned to take them right before I go to bed, and the "morning sickness" virtually dissapeared.


Amber - March 19

my doctor told me to take 2 childrens vitamins and it equals one prenatel vitamin it will make you feel better


Aldafa - May 12

Question - does it matter which Flinstones you take? with iron/without? what about Winnie the Pooh vitamins, with iron, B-6 and Vitamin A?



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