Prenatal Vitamins Make Me Gag

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Jennifer123 - May 15

I was fine w/ the vitamins until just this weekend. I'm at 8 weeks and I'm feeling the nausea a lot more often now. I have heard of chewable prenatals - is anyone taking them? Or is anyone taking one that is smaller than a horse pill? If so what brand and where did you get them? My mom says not to worry if I can't get them down b/c she didn't take them w/ me or my sister b/c it made her sick - we turned out fine. She laughs at all of the restrictions that are around today that weren't around back in the day..... caffeine, lunch meat, soft cheese, smoking.


aggie03 - May 15

Certain prenatals make me feel more nausea. Try taking ones with less Iron in them, and ask your Dr for samples so you can try different ones. I personally like the gel ones and take them at night before bed. Also, ask your Dr about the so called restrictions. Most of these books are way over exagerated. My doc says MODERATE amounts of caffeine, soft cheese, even sushi and hot tubs are ok as long as you listen to your body. I Think about it Greeks and Asians have had healthy babies all the time.


Steff - May 15

I've heard that even taking chewable kids flinstone vitamins is better than nothing. Of course Prenatals aren't manatory or anything but if you want to take something, try a kids multivitamin. A friend of mine did that. They are much easier to digest. and they taste AWESOME


Leilani14 - May 16

Taking them before bed time helped me. On the days I was very nauseaus I would skip them, but evenonis was best time to take them for me. I coldnt stand ones with iron even when I was not pregnant so I'm taking iron separately in a different form, they are called ferroshell. Take care


cangirl - May 16

i actually am taking a multi vitamin because the prenatal vits were making me sick and gyn said it was fine


gma36 - May 16

I couldn't take the prenatals, the doctor told me to take 2 kids flinstone vits. (but I only took 1 a day)LOL


babybird - May 17

I'm pregnant with my third child and I could never take prenatal vitamins with my first too because they made me gag also. They are just too big for me to swallow. I would even cut them in half, but that still didn't work. This time around I found the perfect vitamin. It's called onesource complete prenatal. It's from Wal-mart. Instead of one huge horse pill you take two much smaller pills. I've had no problem taking my vitamins this time because they are much easier to swallow.


christan10 - May 17

i actually just went through this problem, i was having a horrible time with my vitamins and my doctor told me to take 2 flinstones complete vitamins and i havent been sick since plus they taste great!!!


nursej - May 28

well the prenatal vits. i was on duet was making my gag too. but my doc switch me to citracal and they are great, not foul smell at all. no gagging either.


clm82 - May 28

I currently and always have been unable to swallow pills. I was concerned with this because I knew it was in my baby's best interest for me to take prenatal vitamins. I spoke with my doctor and did some research online. Chewable vitamins are available by Rx only. I take Stuart Natal Chewables (the generic is Duet Chewable Tablets). They are a little larger than a flintstone vitamin, heart shaped, have kind of a grape citrus taste, and have everything that the regular pills have. I am 6 weeks and have been taking them for 3 weeks and have had no problems. I take them with dinner and drink a gla__s of water with it. I have had some nausea at night but the vitamins have not made it any worse. I was very glad I found these vitamins. Not every pharmacy has them. I got mine at a Walgreens. I think each pharmacy carries different brands.


Tara M - May 29

Hi there, I am the same way and i asked my doctor about this and he said i could stop taking them for a while and just take my FOLIC acid pills. because i feel great if i do not take them but it does not matter what time of day i take them after 30 min i feel like i am going to be sick.



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