Prenatal Vs Flinstone Vitamins

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Dia - November 7

Hello everyone! I just had a quick question. With my morning sickness I have been advised to stop taking my prenatals and take flinstone vitamins instead. I know this is common practice for doctors to say this, but I was wondering how many flinstones do you take a day? My doctor said to take 2...but I have been having a horrible metallic taste in my mouth...should I only take one?? Thanks!


A - November 7

My doctor said to only take one. It has everything that a normal multivitamin (for NON-pregnant adults) has. He said to do this until my second trimester and then we'll try prenatals again.


mama-beans - November 7

Yes, take those prenatals as soon as you can! Flintstones and other Multi's are great for you, but in a pregnant woman my doc said they have too much vit "A" and not enough "B" and Folic Acid.


hi dia - November 7

i think that you should take whatever the doc recommends that you take, if they are still making you feel sick, maybe give him a call, and see what he/she thinks that you should do...ex: cut down to one etc. and also flinstone vitamins have 100% folic acid, so dont worry too much about that. good luck, and i hope that the "morning sickness" eases up far along are you? take care!


- November 8

my prenatal vitamins have 175% Folic Acid, and 20% vitamin A. Doc said keep the "a" low and the folic acid high


Marlene - November 8

I'm just visiting from the 2nd trimester(I'm 21wks). I've been taking flintstones and the doctor said one is fine.


Dia - November 8

Thanks ladies! I appreciate all the advice - I am 9 weeks today and my nausea seems to be a LITTLE better, but I don't want to jinx myself! Congrats and good luck to everyone!!


Jenn - November 10

My doctor told me 2 flinstone vitamins= 1 prenatal


hi dia! - November 11

i am almost 10 weeks (on mon) and i am starting to feel a little better too...except at night...and then i feel like c___p again...but at least now i am able to eat more during the day, i think that is much better for you anyways...have your cramps stopped somewhat too...mine have, and i am kind of concerned, i made a post about it, and i havent had an answer yet, but since you and i seem to be around the same time, i thought that i would are you feeling today? take care!


Dia - November 11

Hello! We are very close together...I will bet 10 weeks on Tuesday. I really feel awful sinuses have been acting up a lot. I was feeling better with my nausea earlier this week, but it seems to have come back. I am having a hard time eating. Everything I think about eating makes me want to throw up and that is awful! I am hoping to go back to normal soon...this pregnancy is killing me so far - I have been so miserable at a time I am supposed to be so happy. How about you? Do you the nausea? Hope your day has been better than mine!!


hi dia! - November 13

i am sorry to hear of your sinuses acting up, and i agree...i am so miserable some days, and my poor dh gets the raw end of the deal with this whole pregnancy. he is the one who cleans does the laundry and cooks, and then half the time, i cant even eat what he makes. poor guy. nausea had gotten better during the day for the most part, but then always around 4 pm or so it hits me like a ton of bricks. some days, i am so tired i dont even want to get up off of the is horriable. like you i feel bad about how upset and p__sed off i am half the time, but i just keep thinking, only a few more weeks of this, and then everything should slowly start getting back to normal, but it is crazy how far away those few weeks feel, when every day you feel sick as hell, and are so tired you can barely stand to move an arm to shampoo your hair in the shower lol...i wanted to be pregnant so bad, and now i have days where i question what i could have possibly been thinking lol...but in the end it is all totally worth it for that i have just rambled on, i will let you get back to what you were doing...i hope you had a good weekend! talk to you soon! oh yeah...i have a dating u/s tomorrow, so i will let you know what my exact due date you know when yours is? take care!


b - November 16



Dia - November 16

I am pretty sure my due date is June 13, 2006, but I haven't officially been to my first doctor's appt. My doctor won't seem me until after 12 weeks...yuck!! How are you doing?


Ashley - November 16

i was told to take two---try one in the am and one in the pm. this helps for me.


hi dia! - November 19

i just got my due date on monday...and it is june 14th! my doctor was only 2 days off on how far along that she thought i was, so instead of me being 10 weeks monday, i was 10 weeks on wednesday! how exciting! the u/s was wonderful and the little baby had a strong hb of 171 bpm!!!!! its little arm and leg buds we clearly visable, and it even moved around some!!! how are you feeling today? talk to you soon!


hi dia! - November 22

hey dia are you still around? i havent heard anything back from you. how are you feeling? talk to you soon!


Dia - November 22

I am still around...I am 11 weeks today and I have been vomiting again today. Will it ever end?? Still haven't had my first appt - hopefully I will have it in the next week. I will get my appt date tomorrow. I was so looking forward to the 11th week b/c that is when I heard nausea subsides, but mine has seemed to have gotten worse. I was really bad my 7th and 8th week - got a tiny bit better my 9th week - started going back downhill my 10th week, and now at 11 I am vomiting again. Grr......hopefully I will be okay for Thanksgiving! How are you feeling???



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