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HeatherIsHopeful - November 12

hey everyone, Im now at 9 weeks according to my lmp and have had one visit to the doc so far... all that happened during that visit was her telling me what was basically going to happen over the next few months and give me a TON of paper work. my next appointment wont be till the 28th and I'll be at 11 weeks or so and Im sort of worried that she didn't give me any vitamins or tell me to take anything. she just said to some nurse that she was going to order them (?) or something anyway its been a couple weeks and I haven't heard anything from anyone at the hospital and I kind of feel like I don't even have a doctor. Im not sure who Im supposed to call if I think something is wrong or anything. anyway I was wondering when I should have started taking vitamins or anything if Im supposed to at all.. this is my first pregnancy I dont know anything lol Im just worried Im not doing enough for my baby.


kay101 - November 12

Yes sweetie, you need to be taking vitamins. You can go to any drug store and pick some over the counter ones up. You take one a day.


kay101 - November 12

God, now I see why you think the doctors at that hospital are idiots. They should have asked if you were taking them already, and if not they should have prescribed you some or told you to pick some up.


LAUR81 - November 12

It's actually recommended to start taking prenatal vitamins when you begin trying to get pregnant. You should defintely be taking them now! They can help to prevent developemental defects in the baby. I dont want to scare you but they are very importent. I simply called my gynecologists office and they precribed them over the phone. Oh and maybe you should look into seeing another doctor. The one you described doesnt seem to be very friendly or comforting. I would look for another one pronto. I also would call the office where you went to first and let them know how you feel . You are the patient.


newlywed0915 - November 12

omg, they didn't tell you to take anything? I'd call your doc up and yell. I had the nurses and doctors asking me if I was already taking prenatals from my first ER visit until my ultrasound last Friday. Thats something they shouldn't ever miss...I mean thats pretty basic. At Walmart you can pick up a bottle of 240 tablets of Prenatal vitamins by Spring Valley for $9.98. It has all the vitamins you need. They're comparable to Stuart Prenatal vitamins...the more expensive stuff. If you can, I'd go today and get started asap. Maybe switch docs too! I'm on my first child as well and we can't be wasting time with careless nurses or docs like those!


HeatherIsHopeful - November 12

lol... now do you understand?!?! no one told me anything except get out see ya in a few weeks. I'll go to the store today. luckily because I was worried about it I have been crazy about what I eat making sure I get "enough" of everything only eating super healthy and what not hopefully thats enough for now. anyway, Im so fed up with these military doctors. thanks guys...


HeatherIsHopeful - November 12

I would take some of the responsibility for this if it wern't for the fact that I asked her about it. she asked me if I was taking anything and I said no, before I found out I was pregnant I didnt know what a prenatal vitamin was. I told her that this is my frist pregnancy and asked her when I could get an ultrasound because I want to make usre everything was okay and all she told me was "you'll schedule your first u/s at your NEXT appointment which by the way is with a different doctor than the one I talked to. so I wont get a u/s till 16-20 weeks and I overheard her say something to a nurse about ordering my vitamins or something but she never said anything to me so I a__sumed she was going to call me or something and I haven't heard ANYTHING frok anyone at the hospital.


newlywed0915 - November 12

how frustrating! You should complain. Lol... considering you've been eating healthy, I wouldn't freak out, because there are some people who never take prenatals and their babies turn out ok! Its just always better to be safe. Unless you have complications, i.e.: bleeding or severe cramping, they won't give you an u/s until your 20th week. BUT this IS your first I would think they'd want to check and make sure everything is going well. Just ask about it and see if you can get one earlier if you'd feel better. Just tell them its your first pregnancy, and you're concerned and would just feel better having an ultrasound earlier. I'm not sure how military insurance works...but I knwo they do that in the "civilian" world. Maybe you can go to a regular hospital...? I only got my ultrasounds so early because of the problems I was having. Well, anyway, don't stress. Just get those prenatals and you'll be fine. They're basically multi-vitamins for pregnant women who might not be getting all the nutrients they need in a daily diet...especially if you're throwing up a lot.


HeatherIsHopeful - November 12

thanks for the rea__surance newlywed... I have been nauseas but haven't thrown up and have a very well balanced diet full of red meat eggs cheese milk lots of fruit and veggies along with bread and pasta that have been enriched with folic acid and what not. Im headed out the door right now to get some vitamins anyway, like you said better safe than sorry. I will see what I can do about my doctors but for now I'm just going to have faith that what Im doing is enough and the baby is fine :) I also have not had any bad cramping and haven't had even the slightest bit of bleeding so I'll take those as good signs :) thanks for all your help guys -Heather<3


nola-gal - November 12

i would get a new doctor! i just went today, and it was actually pretty nice because she really just acted like nothing major was happening to me, which was really rea__suring. but she did stress the vitamins, eating right, etc. she didn't even do an exam or anything, but will do one with an ultrasound in three weeks. the first thing she asked was about the fact she told me to take them months ago when i went off the pill, just in case.


HeatherIsHopeful - November 12

yeah, I went out and got some today and I'll throw a fit next time Im at the hospital... I may even have my husband find someone high ranking enough to call and yell because that usually gets the point across a bit more lol


Mel Page - November 13

Hay there Heather, I'm glad you got those vit's girl, I dont think the girls mentioned this but you need to take an extra 'folic acid' suppliment also this is one of the main things that helps with defects. So you'll be taking a pg vit and the folic acid. I would most defo go give that doctor a piece of my mind if I were you!! Make her feel as stupid and uneducated a she comes accross. I would really look into going to another doc too babe. If she's neglecting you and your baby now, can you imagine what it would be like in a few months time!!!!! You need ta have a gyno or a doc that you can intrust with both you and your bub's life, and by the sound of things, she's NOT that kind of doc!! Good luck and God Bless babe!!! Love Melony


HeatherIsHopeful - November 13

thanks mel.. I did know about folic acid and its importance but thanks for making sure :) you can rest a__sured the doc is going to get an earful and if I don't seem satisfied with her apology I'll get a new doc immediately. you ladies have been extremely helpful. thank you all so much. :)


newmomma32 - November 13

yeah--they should def tell u to go on vitamins. I am using Materna. The doc mentioned that I should've strted atleast 2 months before, but anway....


fefer1 - November 13

Well, I know the prenatals are important...but I took them rarely with my daughter. They made me so sick!!! The dr told me to just take a mutivitamin and some folic acid. I think the first 9-10 weeks are the most important for the folic as that's when you can get the neural tube deffects. After that time I think it doesn't make much difference. I'm not a doctor though - just did a lot of research and asked lots of questions. This time I got different prenatals that are easier on the stomach but I still have a really hard time swallowing them. I think they make some that dissolve - I might have to ask about those. There are lots of good books out there on pregnancy - maybe you can pick one up so you know what to expect and can find some answers that the doctors don't give you. That is pretty lame I have to say - my dr gave me so much information when I was pregnant the first time.


kendra.marie - November 14

if you get sick from prenatals my doctor told me Flintstones because they have a high folic acid level which is something you need. so thats what im taking



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