Pressure In Abdomen

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travissgrl06 - October 3

I just tested + three days ago for ovulation and took full advantage of it.... now i am one day past ovulation and i have some pressure... not really cramps right above my pubic line... and my back is uncomfortable. Anyone else have this happen to them? If so did you end up being preggers or no? ?


travissgrl06 - October 3



kay101 - October 3

I haven't had anything like that happen before, but I think it might be a little too early for you to be getting symptoms. You probably won't have any until the egg implants itself around a week after you ovulated. Start looking for sore b___bs and twinges down low in your uterus in a few days. Those are usually the first and earliest symptoms.


jennifer_33106 - October 3

To be honest, although some may disagree but I personally believe the body knows upon conception even though you may not. I honestly had sore b___bs since Ovulation and they never went away. But since you are only one day past Oing then I say give it some time. The two week wait sucks but everyone goes through it. Good Luck and I hope to see you with a BFP soon.


travissgrl06 - October 3

Well it is actually my second day past i messed up but that is still early.... But i still had a little pressure today but not as much as yesterday. So tomorrow wiil be my third dpo. My period is due around the 10th... should i test the day after that or wait??


ChattyKathy - October 3

I agree that it is a bit too early to feel symptoms, most likely. I had a gut feeling 1DPO, but no symptoms with any of my pregnancies (3 so far). Every woman is different. Some women may very well feel real symptoms from day one as HCG does start to appear at conception, but for most women it can take a range of days. It just depends on your body. You can begin testing 12dpo, but don't expect to get a very clear result until 14dpo and on (the day you expect your period). Good luck!


eastcoast - October 4

I had signs right away -most of which are still present! Weird metallic taste in my mouth, and twinge/pulling sensation in my pelvic area and lower back (left side). The sore b___bs didn't start until later. I tested the day after AF was due and got a BFP, tested again a couple of days later (still having weird things happening with my body, smells, sore b___bs, metallic taste, bloated and twinges) and got a second BFP. That was on Sept.30th. Went to my doctors and had bloodwork done on Oct.2nd, got confirmation yesterday that I am preggers and my hcg levels are approx. 2,000 right now. So to sum up, I think your body does know, and has ways of telling you -actually, the night before I did the first test I had the strangest (really vivid) dream that I wasn't preg, so that's what prompted me to test:) That's been my experience so far......does anyone know what are appropriate levels of hcg at different stages of pregnancy?



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