Pressure In My Tummy Feedback Please

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little_snowball - March 10

ok. in my lower abdomen i always feel like there is pressure there. i know when you get bigger around you can't lay on your stomach because you feel like there is something under you, but how early does it start? sometimes, my boyfriend will lay his head or arm across my stomach and i can't stand it. it doesn't hurt, it just feels like he is pushing hard even when he isn't. when i walk, i always feel like my lower abdomen is full of something. kind of like the feeling you have with a full bladder. i just want to know if this is something i neeed to ask my doctor about or if it is normal. i figured eventually i would feel like i was laying on something, but not at 8 weeks.


Leilani14 - March 10

I think it is completly normal. From maybe 6 weeks on I stoped sleeping on my tummy because I did't feel confortable. I started to wear maternety clothes at 9 weeks because I couldn't stand the preasure of my regular pants, even though I was able to b___ton them up.


SuzieQ - March 10

I"m 10w5d and can't stand having my dh lay his arm on my stomach - it's just not comfortable! I don't usually lay on my stomach, but when I do, it's like I feel really full or something. I've been feeling like that since week 7, so Ithink it's pretty normal. I'm also getting pretty bloated - I'm hoping to feel a bump in a few weeks :)


angelinakai - March 10

I am almost 8 weeks and i have felt like this from the very beginning. im sure its normal. i cant sleep on my stomach or anything.


Chas - March 17

okay, when do you acutally start to feel the bump? I know every woman is different, but I don't feel any bigger, look any bigger or weigh any different. I am only 7 wks though. It doesn't bother me either to sleep on my stomach. The only real thing I feel is ga__sy and a little bloated from time to time. I guess this is normal ?



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