Pressure In Rectum Amp Vagina

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mkd - May 16

I am 5 weeks pregnant, and have recently experienced some mild pressure in my r___m and va___a this normal?


vanessa - May 16

Very normal... increased blood flow is the cause of this. You might feel sharp pains every now and then in your v____a - don't panic. And, if you are lucky like me and already have a hemerroid - that will throb at times too.


what - May 16

gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think you have a cyst


jena - May 16

that's normal. your body is changing so much and you can get weird feelings from it. it is definitely, as Vanessa said, increased blood flow, and also possibly your uterus starting to stretch. If pain is bad, call your doctor, but if it's just kind of a nuisance, it's normal :).


Mandy - May 16

I don't know if I am pregnant or not.. my period is irregular..but i have been experiencing sharper cramps than usuall ... I also ahve been feeling pressures in my v____a area.. its annoying.. almost a pounding throb?.. It only lasts a few seconds though.. i have been feeling nauseous once and a while... haven't thrown up.. just get this hungerpain then a pukish feeling.. i have noticed more saliva in my mouth.. and headaches. I have also been very very tired but I don't know if I could consider that a symptom cuz im always tired.. I rarely get a good nights sleep.. what do you guys think?.. my last period was April 19th. Me and my boyfriend had s_x on the 27th of april, 29th of april, 1st of May, and 12th of May... I don't know when I ovulate.. what do you guys think? last few cycles have been messed up. For example: I got one period on January 30th and didn't get the next until march 8th...What do you guys think?!?!.. Could I have some kind of infection instead?.. in between those period I had a pap smear and they said nothing was wrong.. although I have a thick white discharge(I know it's sick!!!!! Try dealin with it!!)...Please help????



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