Proactiv Face Products Are They Safe

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wannabamama - February 11

I'm wondering if anyone is using Proactiv while pregnant, or any kind of acne face products. I looked up the ingredients and it seems to be fine, but online searching from participants shows me half and half answers, some say yes, some say no dont use it while pregn. I got Aveeno face products and subst_tute it sometimes so I'm not using Proactiv all the time. But Proactiv works the best for me, to keep my skin under control. Will this affect the baby? What have you heard? What is safe to use?


Shannon - February 11

proactiv has pretty much the same ingredients as other products but in different amounts (i tried it for a month and it was a total waste of money for me, i was so disappointed). anyway, i'm pretty sure that any over-the-counter acne product is fine. i used them all throughout my first pregnancy and most of the time this time around.


jessicaspatherapist - February 11

if it contains accutane then it is not safe during pregnancy.


Tammy276 - February 11

Proactiv is safe to use during pregnancy. I discussed it with my doctor because I use it as well..I am 34 weeks pregnant and still using it.


moescrilla - February 11

I doubt anything over the counter will have accutane in it, since its a prescription. I've never heard of it being in a gel, b/c the rx. accutane is a pill (isotretin, clarivis, accutane, all different names for the same drug ) So I dont think you'd have to worry about that. Its so controversial to use for women so I dont think they'd put a lower dose otc. They treat that stuff like schedule II drugs now (Adderall, Morphine, etc) because its sooo dangerous. It never hurts to look at the ingredients on the box though!


kerryv - February 11

dont use anything with vitamin A either.


daisymom - February 11

My friend used Proactiv durig her two pregnancies and was fine. She asked her doctor first and he gave her the go-ahead. That said, I am wondering the same thing. I used Proactiv before I got pregnant and even though my OB looked over the ingredients and gave me the OK, I stopped using it. Now I look like a freak with breakouts on my neck and so I started using it again last night. I'm kind of stuck now after reading other negative info on the internet. I want to continue using Proactiv so that I can clear up and start wearing my new open neck pregnancy clothes, but I'm scared!


grace2 - February 11

I had been using Proactive for a couple of months before I got pregnant- it worked for me when nothing else did. I had concerns about some of the ingredients used and although I've heard many say that it is safe, lots of warnings have been issued about such ingredients as Benzyl alcohol and salycic (sp?) acid and even aloe vera which is found in the Proactive toner. Alot of these ingredients are also found in drug store products too. The choice is up to you of course but I would say that if in doubt, don't use it. I went to The Body Shop the other day and got some tea tree oil products- so far I'm happy with the stuff and I feel alot better about using it. I've been having trouble with this too and I know how frustrating acne can be, especially when pregnant! Hope this helps :)


tk07 - February 12

hi! my Dr basically said that topical is ok but anything oral is not. so i would think proactive is fine. i use clyndamicin (sp?) and it is topical and he said that was ok because it is a level B drug. anything that goes into a C or lower you should not use.


ginger6363 - February 12

My doctor gave the okay for Proactive. Like TK07, my doctor said that topical is ok but anything oral is not.


flipthea - February 12

I also used Proactiv but I decided not to use it while pregnant. It's still a drug and I'd rather not use it. Besides, the breakouts are fading away now that I'm almost in the 2nd trimester. The breakouts were terrible in the beginning. I dealt w/ it and now my face is clearing up again.


daisymom - February 12

My neck is breaking out - that's the worst! Any ideas?



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