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HSB - April 16

Like some of you I am having a tough time with acne. Do any of you know if it is safe to use Proactive while pregnant?


Melissa - April 16

What are the active ingredients? I think that most topical medications are safe aside from retinoids like retin-A or accutane but my doctor asked me to hold off until I reached 12 weeks to use any topicals. Best to ask your doctor what he/she thinks. I have seen posts on here from women who have used it throughout with no problems. You can always look up the active ingredients on as well.


To HSB - April 16

i too am thinking of using proactiv because since my skin has been awful since pregnancy-I ammnow 10 weeks. My dr said in the 2nd trimester it will clear up but it's driving me nuts. Anyway 2 of my friends used proactive while pregnant and their dr's said it was fine. Hope this helps-how far along are you?


UNTIL THEN ... - April 16

... check out the all-natural recipe listed under the forum question "AF skin" ... until you get the okay for proactive acne treatment why not get started on something you can use right now ...


Milissa - April 16

I used that CRAP! Never worked' I used it for 6 months. It was not cheap either! this was after my baby, I have better skin just yousing hot water,and then a scrub' like Saint Ivs.


js - April 18

I never thought to question it...I've used proactive for the past 2 years, and it works great for me. I did have a few breakouts around my 10th week, but now at 13.5 weeks, my skin is back to normal. I hope it's okay to use!


lisa ayn - August 14

I've used proactive before my pregnancy and stopped when I became pregnant. My acne was coming back and I was afraid to use anything. I called my dermo and he said not to use anything, but then i called my ob and he said proactive is fine because it's topical. My ob is from a very prestigeous group in Great Neck, New York. I do trust him especially because he has many high risk patients. I started using it again and feel so much better! Just make sure you ask your doctor first before you use it.


Diann - August 14

i tried proactive and got 3 degree burns on my face. i looked like a red b__wfish. it took almost a month for it to heal.


Tammy276 - August 14

Proactive is safe to use during pregnancy, I don't know how many times I have said that on this sight!! Third degree burns huh? I think you were just allergic to the proactive, and if it were third degree burns, I don't think it would have healed in a month!!


crystal74 - August 14

more great reviews for proactive... i have used it for about a year now and it works for me. since i've been prego all i use is the face scrub, i never leave anything on my face such as the lotions and night creams. i still have little zits that come and go now and then but for the most part i have clear skin. and it does not contain retin-A.


redhead125 - August 15

My husband used it years ago with a moderate amount of success. You're best trying to fix your skin from the inside out. Once I helped him clean up his diet (no more processed foods, no more white bread, no more iceberg lettuce salads), his skin improved greatly. Plus, an improved diet will be great for your baby! Also, drink TONS of water--64 oz./day.


Scarlet101 - August 15

My boyfriend is a pharmacist and has called the manufacturer of a product called Panoxyl (same active ingredient as Proactive which is Benzoyl Peroxide) The manufacturers have told him that it is safe to use during pregnancy and so I am - Im 11 weeks but like a lot of you have been suffering badly with acne. Hope that helps?



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