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cathy - August 30

hi im in my 10th week of pregnancy, i had 1 misscarriage before. Im having a serious problem of diarrhea is this normal?


patty - July 9

I was looking for an answer to this question also, I hope someone has some information soon. I don't really have diarrhea, it's more like softer frequent stools. Doesn't happen all the time, but I feel as though my stool is to soft and I have all kinds of gas and stuff.


stacyann36 - July 9

I also had diarhea and loose stools for my first few weeks of doc said it was normal for some women and that could be many different things..your body and hormone adjustement, excitement and nervousness from being pregnant...I was told not to worry unless it became about 5 or more times an hour, which never happened..good luck


Jennie - July 10

I'm 5.5 weeks pregnant and I'm experiencing softer stools. Let's just say that I haven't experienced the "usual" constipation. I haven't talked with my doctor about this but it sounds pretty normal.


Shannon - July 19

The first 2 months of my pregnancy I had the same problem and as far as I know it is normal it could be the oppisite which I am now going through be happy you are having stools period...


sharon - July 22

hi im going on 17weeks i lost one baby last year at 7weeks i started to feel what you call fluttering which i havent felt in 2 days is this something to worry about.


Amy - August 20

Make sure with your doctor that the pre-natal vitamins you are taking aren't the cause. Different brands of pre-natals can cause softer stools or constipation.


sylvana - August 30

I am 4.5 weeks pregnant and just started having diarrhea also. The cramps are really bad and hard to deal with while at work. I'm glad to read statcyann36 post that this is normal for some women but I hope it doesn't last too long.


sylvana - August 30




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