PROBLEM W Ultrasound

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Rita S. - October 8

i went to my DR today and she did an ultrasound because i had some irregular bleeding a few weeks ago. and i thought i was pregnant.. she did an ultrasound and she seen something wrong. she said that something in my uterus was too thick it was 1.2cm thick.. she asked if i was pregnant.. and did a urine test and it came out neg. does anyone know if it is possible i could still be pregnant? if i am i suspect around 6-7weeks..could it be pregnancy or there could be another problem..she said that i could have a D & C done the clean everything out but she wouldnt recomend that because i am so young ( only 18 ) and doesnt want me to have any scarring or problems in the it possible that i stilll could be pregnant..and not see really anything on the ultrasound...and does anyone know what else could be the problem?? she told me to come back in 4 weeks for another ultrasound to see it it is still there


MILISSA - October 10

SAME THING HERE, ON THE 7 OF SEPT I HAD AN ULTERSOUND SAID MY UTERUS WAS THICKED, 4 TO 5 WEEKS LATER I HAVE AN ULTERSOUND AGAIN (ON THE 19 OCT ) AND I FEEL PREGNANT AND LOOK IT THIS WILL BE MY SECOND. So all I can say is wait it out like I have, take the prenatel vitamens dont drink ex.. until you have the next ultersound. GOOD LUCK


monique - October 10

I had the same problem, my period was about 2 weeks early, i went to the doctor and he did an ultrasound nothing was there, neg urine, i had a second opinion and my blood test was neg., now on the normal days of my period i spotted and was extremely sick. i went back to the doctor and had an US, i seen a fetal pole, but they cannot release that info, i feel very pregnant, b___bs sore for 6 weeks now, i went back to the doctor and told him i felt real sick i explained all my symptoms. he sent me home, so now i am just waiting and i am taking my prenatal vitamins. Are you having any other symptoms?


rita - October 10

the thing with me is that they DIDNT see a fetal pole, sac or anything. all she said was that my uterus wat unusually thick.. which is usually caused by pregnancy...but did a urine test & it was neg.


angel_one - October 11

hey girls are your periods regular? cause if not then you may think you are so far alongbut may not be, with my dd my lmp was 14 weeks befroe i found out i was pg, then after a sacn i was told i was only 7 weeks pg, so there is a possibility that if you have the thicked uterus the baby is still to small to see as it is only a few weeks old, not as far as you think. and secondly, monique, were you told about the fetal pole, or did yousee it yourself?



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