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Beate - May 13

I had a miscarriage before and am pregnant now. That's why I am on Prometrium now even though my progesteron level is fine. But on the precautoins it says not to take it, if you are pregnant and I found out that it could cause genital abnormalities in fetus. Should I still do as the Doctor says?


Sue - March 9



michele - March 30

I have been reading and am on synthetic progesterone because it is low at 5 weeks. I am switching to natural per these two links. I think you should slowly stop and switch.


chris - May 5

By stopping the progesterone doesn't that drop your progeterone levels quickly signaling to your body to start your cycle????


Jaime - May 13

Actually Prometrium IS a NATURAL progesterone it is NOT synthetic! I had to take if for the 1st 12 weeks of my last pg. which was the first pg after 2 miscarriages to be successufl and now have a wonderful 2 1/2 year old son. I just found out I am pg with #2 and am on prometrium again! I don't even know my progesterone levels yet...I will find out tomorrow but until then I'm taking it to make sure. The only thing I hate is the dizzyness and drowsiness I get!!


JA - June 17

Natural progesterone (including Prometrium) is safe during pregnancy. Synthetic is NOT. When I got my prescription it had the warnings about not using during pregnancy, but I researched it and learned it is the synthetic that is unsafe for the fetus. The pharmacy just slapped the warnings on there without doing their homework!


adriana - June 23

Its pretty scary to hear about low progesterone. I recently found out my levels were low so I'm petrified. It's not enabling me to fully enjoy the experience I am worried too much. Well hopefully our doctors know best. My doctor has me on progesterone supossitory. Has anyone trie d that and does it work?


H - August 25

Yes. The abnormality is only for males and it is very easily fixable. It was the different between having a baby and not for me.



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