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Teddyfinch - March 26

Hi ladies. I'm pretty new to this. DH and I had been TTC for almost 3 years with no luck and just a few days ago we found out we're expecting. I was on Clomid so I had the trigger shot and the first time it worked. I called my doctor the morning of the 25th and they told me that my progesterone had gone from 16 to 9 so they started me on progesterone cream. I'm just curious if there are any ladies that have used the cream and gone on to have happy healthy pregnancies. I'm just really nervous and I have an ultrasound tomorrow and always fear the worst. I guess I just need some reassuring =)


BeckyBunny - March 26

I know there are people that have, but usually it's an independent choice. Doctors generally prescribe an oral or suppository supplement because it is more reliable. Creams are less reliable because there are no set standards for the amount of progesterone in them, and they vary by pharmacy, by maker, by batch. With a progesterone level that low, I would ask about a prometrium supplement - my progesterone level was around 17 and my doctor put me on 400mg. Suppositories are messier. If not covered by insurance, prometrium is pricey - but totally worth it to have a healthy baby. It can't hurt to ask your doctor about it. Good luck with your ultrasound.


Teddyfinch - March 26

well, i'm on 90mg twice daily of the suppositories. i'll ask about the prometrium supplement, though. right now we're fine for insurance, so i'm not worried about that. it's just taken 3 years so i don't want to lose my first ever bfp.


Teddyfinch - March 26

well, i had my ultrasound this morning. she showed me the sac and everything looked alright. she did see a little bit of hemorrhage though but she said it should be alright. so she got finished and i went to the restroom to clean up and as soon as i sat down i bled and bled and bled and pa__sed pretty much everything. so, i ended up miscarrying today. i'm better then i thought i would be, though because i didn't see a heartbeat and she said the sac was a little small and she thought she should have seen something inside of it by today but couldn't. the important thing to dh and i is that we now know we can do it. if we can ovulate a healthy follicle, we can do this. so my doctor is so pumped about when i finish miscarrying and she's gonna put me back on clomid 150mg and she's determined it's going to stick this time lol. i think i felt worse for my family because my mom and big sister bawled and i hate to upset family like that when they're so happy. i don't mind, though, about all of this. this gives me time to lose a little weight, maybe colour my hair, indulge in my new pa__sion (frozen drinks) and just spoil myself. the only bummer part is i still have the heartburn and the upset tummy. that will pa__s, though, i know. anyway, that's my update for today lol. sorry it's not a happy one, but these things happen and honestly, dh and i kinda felt something wasn't right. i'm just glad we weren't any further along. oh and for the record, we were 4w3d ^^


BeckyBunny - March 26

I know suppositories usually have lower dosages because they absorb better. I just prefer oral personally, it's no less effective, just takes more. I'm not sure why I got such a high dose of prometrium, but a normal dose is anywhere from 200-400, the most common is 200. I know what you mean, trust me, after 3 losses and TTC with PCOS, I am SO ready for this baby to come out healthy. Like, what's worse, getting pregnant easily (within 3-6months) and losing them all, or having to wait 3 years to even get one? It's hard either way. It barely seems real, even though I deal with the symptoms every day and take all the pills and what not to keep my bean safe and growing. Just keep on with your suppositories, talk to your doctor about your options, and try to stay positive. I'll send tons of sticky vibes your way. If it makes you feel better, you can keep POAS for a while before the lines start to get lighter again (the type of HCG your body produces changes.) I think you can keep POAS until about 8 weeks, and it gets so the test line is way darker than the control. ;-) So if you are ever just really feeling down and need some rea__surance, POAS! lol. I think I read somewhere about you getting an your doctor letting you get early ultrasounds? It helps. Around 6w don't expect much, but at 7w3d(and the baby measured right at 7w) we had a nice blob with a heart beat.


BeckyBunny - March 26, pregnant brain. I didn't even re-read the original post. How did your ultrasound go? ;-)


Teddyfinch - March 26

lol it's alright. i posted right above your second to last post.


kalokairi - March 26

aw teddy im sorry :( but i totally agree with you, at least you know now you can! ive been ttc for a year now and i dont even know if we can yet. dh has been checked and is ok so either there is something wrong w/me that they cant see or we are just not meant to have one. but i am glad you are ok with it & i totally understand not wanting to upset your family. hang in there!


BeckyBunny - March 26

=( I'm so sorry. We must have been typing at the same time. In any case, it is easier when it's so early on. Definitely a big disappointment though, but like you said, now you know you can do it. Keep in mind that half of all women will miscarry at least once in their lives, but most don't actually have recurring miscarriages. It's good that you get to start trying again straight away. Did they give you any kind of cause for why it didn't stick? There's controversy about whether low progesterone is actually the cause, or just an indicator. I lean towards cause, many people with low prog levels take supplements after several losses, and then are able to carry to term. I don't think it's coincidence. Maybe talk to your doctor about using it during your LP, and/or switching to something more effective? So sorry this one wasn't your sticky bean. Hang in there, it will happen. *hugs*


Teddyfinch - March 27

kalo: well, i've been married twice with a total of 7 years ttc with no bfp until now. dh and i have been trying 3 years now so it's been a loooong wait lol. i'm just so glad we can actually do it. now we just gotta make it stick! **becky** well, my progesterone went from 16 to 9 and i don't think i caught it in time with the cream. that's what my doc thinks. of course i had tons of energy drinks, pushed a car, lifted heavy stuff, drank all during this cycle. won't do that anymore lol. i think if i start using the cream early enough, we'll be fine. but it's alright. dh is still in between jobs after being laid off and we may have to move and i could stand to lose a few pounds lol, so i'm alright but ty tho ^^


stefkay - March 29

Hi Teddyfinch, I'm so sorry for your loss I kind of skimmed through the end here but agree with Becky that the cream is not as effective. Becky, I think oral is ok, but my dr. who did studies with progesterone said that inserting the prometrium v____ally is more beneficial because it all goes to where it needs to. Taken orally some of the progesterone is lost in the digestive process --that is possibly why higher doses are given. It's just better to bypa__s the digestive system totally because everyone's is different. Inserting the prometrium v____ally is not messy at all. It is absorbed into the v____al wall in within 10 minutes of insertion and nothing leaks out (it's like a capsule that pops or something) -- it's nothing like the messy wax ones that leak out.


schar - March 29

Teddy I am so sorry for your loss I will pray that you get a health baby soon. I to have a progesterone problem and will be taking Microgest that I bought of the internet for this cycle 100mg a day until I find out i'm pg microgest is the foreign equivalent to prometrium though I do not suggest getting it unless u want to take the risk I am it is costing about 50 dollars for 50 pills My doc won't give me progeterone till i'm 6 weeks but after my second confirmed chem pregnancy and one unconfirmed I am taking matters into my own hands also i'm getting a new doc good luck and twin dust to u!


nurse08 - March 30

teddy...i thought u said on the other forum that u werent pregnant????



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