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Benji - February 13

I used pregesterone for one day and it cause brown spotting and a low grade fever is that normal, went to Dr. U/S normal still freaked out over 40 and worried. Any body else?


Sarah - May 22

I am having the same problem. Every time I insert the supp. I have spotting. I would like to know if this is normal?


Renee - May 22

Benji, I am 40 years old. Theat happened to me too but I had been using the progesterone incorrectly. Are you currently pregnant? This is how it happened to me--I had undergone an IUI--doc told me to start on progesterone so I did. She neglected to tell me to stop using if I did not fall pregnant--I continued using for approx 2 mos!!! I had brown spotting all that time and could not figure out what the heck was going on! Finally I told doc that was still taking the progesterone and she was "so sorry" for the miscommunication. I fired her and am now working with specialist at Stanford.


Gina - May 23

I use them also. No problems at all. How many mgs are they? Mine are only 50 mg. I am 38 so a bit older also.


Sarah - May 25

I have since started using them rectally and the spotting has stopped. It was inflamming my cervix and causing spotting.


lisame - April 4

Brown spotting could just be a discharge but it can also be blood. Sometimes progesterone cream can cause irritation and then bleeding. It isnt harmful to the baby but can be uncomfortable and scary. You have to tell the doctor and decide if you want to continue treatment. the most commonly reported side effects with progesterone supplementation creme are swollen b___sts, cramping and spotting.


Cabbie - April 4

I started progsterone at 4 weeks and had light spotting. My dr said that is normal because it can irritate the v____al lining and cervix. I am happy to say I am now 30 weeks.


tryingx3 - April 5

Did you have too use an applicator?


Cabbie - April 5

I did not use an applicator. I just inserted them myself. My levels were at 18 at 4 weeks. They wanted them over 20. I took 100 mg twice daily until week 14.


tryingx3 - April 6

Cabbie, I did the same. Prog level was 18 at 4 weeks, 23 after taking 100mg for a week, they increased it 100mg 2x a day! Wonderful, huh? Prog level actually stayed the same. I've just read stories that indicated they used something to apply and I always worried I wasn't getting them "where" I needed! Glad to be done with that! I am now 15 weeks, stopped the prog at 12.5.


Cabbie - April 6

They said I was borderline with the 18, but the suppositories wouldn't hurt anything. I had lost three babies between Aug 04 and June 05 so I was willing to try anything. I do credit the progesterone with this pregnancy being successful. I will have a c section at 39 weeks (first child was breech) so only about 8 more weeks to go!


tryingx3 - April 7

Cabbie, thanks for chatting with me. I have lost 2 since May 2004 took prog both times, pill form, prometrium, but it made my mouth and throat itch, so we switched this preg, couldn't find any allergies to peanuts or anything, but it could have been a dye in the pill. 1st was partial molar, 2nd was chromosomal problem. Progesterone couldn't "help" those! are getting close!! I am starting to have pg belly - 16 weeks this weekend and know I am going to get huge. Kind of frightening but a good thing too!



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