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Misty - December 14

I am 8 wks PG tomorrow, from the beginning of my last cycle. My doctor has given me 200ml Prometrium by mouth at bed. My Progest level was 8.7 earlier this week, and I will have it retested in two days. Is that low? What should it be? I was feeling fine, but now I'm terrified. The medication also has made me very fatigue. Has anyone had experience with this medication, If so what are the pros and cons. Thanks


jrjd - December 15

Hi Misty. I had the same thing. My Dr told me that anything over 25 for progesterone level is good. I am taking 200mg of prometrium for the first trimester just as procaution. My OB told me that this is natural progesterone, same as your body makes. No way it can hurt you, only help you. He told me to take it at night too cause it makes you sleepy......... Other than that, I don't know of any "cons" to seems your progesterone is low, so good for you to take it it sounds like. GOOD LUCK!!


Misty - December 15

I am just worried that I may have started the prometrium too late. Should the doctor order any other test such as an ultra sound? I have requested one and it will be done tomorrow.


Misty - December 16

Went for my ultra sound this morning. All is fine. 138 heart beat, sac and fetal pole. I'm so glad I requested the ultra sound it really has made me feel better. I now need to relax and adjust to the fatigue of the Prometruim. Good luck to all.


Misty - December 20

My progesterone has only gone up to 11.6 at 8 wks 1 day. The doctor now has me on 400 mg a day. I still feel fine and have no complications. Anyone else having trouble getting your progesterone levels up. From what I read 11.6 is not too low, but it's not high either.


Trish# - December 22

Hi, Misty. I've been undergoing fertility treatment and know a lot about this. I had a chemical pg in October. At that time my hCG was 10 and p4 was 10.7. They put me on 200mg Prometrium 3x a day. I really wish they'd started me on it sooner, when my CD21 labs showed that my prog. was only 10.4. My RE said that prog. dictates the quaility of the egg. So I guess no matter how much prog support they gave me, my egg would not improve. That is not to say you produced a bad egg (clearly, from your great U/S results!), and everyone varies. This cycle they started me on 200mg Prometrium immediately following ovulation. On CD20 it came back as over 41, which is excellent. My clinic likes it to be 25+. I got my BFP this Monday and my hCG is 101 and prog is 38. Not sure what of that p4 is natural but like jrjd said, it doesn't matter. Prog. is needed to support and maintain a pg. Prometrium is prescribed as a sort of "insurance," if you will. I have to insert mine v____ally (probably for 12 weeks), which is really gross, but I hear more effective. Anyway, no worries! and best of luck to you.


Misty - January 10

Had another appt. with Dr. I am now almost 12 wks. Normal heart beat on the doppler. She also stated I can stop taking the Prometrium next week. I have been taking it v____ally, it is more effective that way and does not cause fatigue. All good so far.



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