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KAP - March 2

I am currently 5 weeks and 3 days pregnant. I am using prometrium 3 times a day va___ally. I always have to wear a pantliner becaseu it can be messy. I was wondering if anyone else that is using prometrium feels like they are leaking all the time. My pantyliner is very wet. Is this normal??


colette - March 3

I am also taking prometrium! And I also feel like I am leaking . But, it also, makes me feel very tired! are you taking this because of to many miscarriage


Sheila - March 4

I am on Prometrium pill, Crinone Gel (applicator instead of messy suppositories), Crinone had no leakage, it adheres to v____al wall. Love it.


Jvenegas - April 2

I am taking this medication. I want to get pregnant. Will this medication increase my chances to get pregnant?


Tina - April 2

What is prometrium, I never heard of this.


jb - April 4

I was on the suppository but it was giving me a yeast infection so I switched to the pill. Definetly love the pill!


holly - April 12

hey KAP i take prometrium once aday day's 21-28 of my cycle the first time i took it i was really sick with it but the more i take it the less it effects me. hope everything goes well all of you are giving me hope i have had 6 miscarriages and trying again how did the doc. find your prob. the doc is just guessing this is my prob?


betty wempe - April 12

i take the same drug and the same thing happens to me. but i am not pregnant i am trying to get pregnant. this gas been a year long process.


Janice - April 12

I was prescribed this after my miscarriage, but just finally got my "." again. This is the first website I've found that talks about Prometrium and pregnancy..the rest talk about menopause! Its been so long since I last saw my dr, but does anyone you only take it 13-28 and then wait for your "."? So then if you get pregnant (which then you wouldn't get your "." you wouldn't take it again?) Does anyone know? Thank you!!


holly - April 13

my dr told me to take it days 21-28 and if i miss my pd to get the blood work done right away the way i understand is that when you get pregnant you stay on the pill for the first few months


Jilana - April 13

I am also on Prometrium (pill form). I did use the suppository during my first pregnancy though and experienced the "leaking" feeling. Eventually I switched to pill form then too because of v____al irritation. Have you noticed whether the prometrium makes you grouchy? Jil


SRG - April 13

I am 10 weeks pregnant I have been taking the Prometrium 100MG Capsules. These are suppose to be taken by mouth however my doctor told me to take them v____ally. They are not as messy as the other ones. I always feel very tired after taking them, also I feel a twitching in my low stomach after. Hopefully that is all normal. Good luck everyone!


Federica - April 14

I am 6 wks and 3 days pregnant. I am taking 400mg of prometrium v____ally since I have been diagnosed with lutheal phase defect before this pregnancy. It is a little messy, but I rather change my panty twice a day and wash myself often then wear pads. Crinone is great, but my doctor told me that the dosage of 90mg of progesterone was too little for me. I wish you luck.


Chris - April 14

I am 10 wks pg with twins and take 600 progesterone vag 3 x day (best absorption route I have read, but messy- baby wipes and liners in every bathroom!) and 200 prometrium (micronized oral progesterone) 5x a day, plus 150 mg progesterone in oil IM divided 2 x per day. If I m/c these babies weren't meant to be! Not one bit of spotting; lots of drowsiness after the prometrium, and my hands feel slightly tingly for an hr or so (weird, but true, and annoying). I used ivf so my ovaries (corpus luteum) aren't making progesterone and soon the placentas should take over and I can stop the meds.


Janice - April 14

Chris and Federica, how long did your drs say you had to take the pills? As soon as you missed your ".", did you take a test to see if you continue taking it? Just curious b/c my dr told me to take until day 28 (but its been so long since I spoke with him since my miscarriage took place in Feb and that's when he prescribed it for when my "." starts again. I finally started again just now but couldn't remember exactly what he told me except what is prescribed on the bottle - take days 13-28, but until I read here, I would have stopped even if I got preg! Thank you both for sharing. Very curious as to why your drs have you take the pills v____ally instead of orally...would it affect the baby different if taken orally? My bottle says not to take during pregnancy, so I'm very curious what your drs told you!! Thank you again for sharing!


Liz - April 14

I am 7wks pregnant just started taking 200mg of prometrium by mouth a day. Is this a common treatment to prevent miscarriage? I am sooo scared!


SRG - April 15

Hi Liz, I am taking the exact same dosage as you, only I am taking the capsules v____ally at my doctors direction. It is to prevent miscarriage if you have too much testorone and not enough progesterone. This is suppose to help until the placenta is formed. Just keep taking it, and try not to worry. Good luck! I am due November 10th when are you due?



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