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SRG - April 15

Hi Liz, I am taking the exact same dosage as you, only I am taking the capsules v____ally at my doctors direction. It is to prevent miscarriage if you have too much testorone and not enough progesterone. This is suppose to help until the placenta is formed. Just keep taking it, and try not to worry. Good luck! I am due November 10th when are you due?


Max - April 23

I am 5wks pregnant just started taking 200mg of prometrium by mouth a day. I read this is common but not sure as this is going to be my first baby and have not had any m/c yet...


Jennifer - April 23

Hi, everyone, this is for SRG, youo say you take the pill v____ally instead of orally? My question is what happens to the pill casing does it dissolve? Or does it come back out? I am just wondering because I also just started taking 100mg v____ally before bed and wondered waht the heck happens to the pill casing?? I kinda feel like it is stuck inside of me, that may be in my head though? Thanks for the response. -Jennifer


jennifer - April 23

HI guys this is for the ones that take promemtrium v____ally- I feel like the pill is still in me??Does the pill casing dissolve or what?? I felt the med leak everywhere so I know I got the med, but I felt like the outside of the pill is still in me?? Does anyone else feel like this?


SRG - April 23

Hi Jennifer, the casing will just disolve, I know this sounds yucky but if you have a bowel movement sometimes you will see the outer casing come out then too. It is not stuck up there, don't worry about it, just keep taking it. Good Luck!


Leanne - April 25

I had two miscarriages before this one, now I am 8weeks and 1day pregnant. I started using prometrium from 5 weeks, it is messy. I tried to wean it off by only using 1 capsule 100mg v____ally in the morning instead of twice a day, however, I got cramps so I have put it back in every evening. My big concern is I heard that some women had missed miscarriage, which was found out by U/S, but they never had any sign until the U/S, so if I am having a missed miscarriage, with prometrium using (it usually calms the uterus to enable fetus adhere to it tightly), maybe I won't feel a thing and know the miscarriage weeeeks later when having U/S, So I worried and scared about another miscarriage on the way without knowing it. Any thought or experience on that? Thank you.


HS - April 25

H- I am on day 29 of my cycle. I had an AI this month. I was on Clomid, Estrogen, and Prometrium. I took Prometrium for 12 days v____ally and finally finished on Friday, April 22. I have not started my period yet. I took a test yesterday morning and it said I was not prenant. I was going to take another test in the morning in hopes that the hormone just did not have time to appear. Do you know if Prometrium delays the starting of your period?


Jessi - April 26

Hi guys! Today I found out I am 6 weeks pregnant...they thought 8, but then they did an ultra sound. I have polycystic ovarian syndrome so I have a lot of problems getting pregnant. My doctor put me on Prometrium 100MG tablets to be taken by mouth once a day to build up my progesterone level. Is this normal? Could I take too much of it and cause problems? I see my OB once a week to make sure I haven't had any problems...they found a heart beat this afternoon and say everything is going well, should I worry about being on this medication and/or having a miscarriage?


hello - April 27

I would like to know if anybody's dr told them to get off of prometrium 100mg a day at 10 weeks of preg. and if so did they have promblems or not


Yvette - April 28

I am 7 weeks pregnant and my dr. put me on Prometrium 200mg by mouth once a day. I am terrified because my second child died at 14 weeks because my dr. put me on Vicadin and she said there was no scientific proof that Vicadin caused miscarraige. I am freaking out now because on the prescription bottle it says "Do Not use this medicine if you are pregnant or plan on becoming pregnant!" Hello!!! I am fixing to call my dr. and see what the deal is because I don't want to lose another one! Please pray for me as I will for you!


Cindy - April 29

anybody got off of prometrium at 10 weeks without any promblems


jb - April 29

I am 13 weeks and I am still on Prometrium. I think I am going to stop when I hit 14 weeks. Everything has worked out great for me!


Cindy - April 30

jb let us know how you do once you stop taking prometrium i am scared to stop taking it


Janice - April 30

Hello! I am not pregnatn - yet! ;-) I just started taking prometrium (200mg orally). I had a m/c in Feb and finally got my "." back again and then started taking prometrium. I started spotting yesterday and then today had a small amt of blood (seemed like the start of my "."?)...I haven't had anymore today. But has anyone else experienced this? I have been using ovulation test strips and have yet to ovulate. Before my "." I was on a 40 day cycle, so Monday should be around the time I ovulate, but I wasn't sure if anyone else had any spotting before their ovulation? Just curious!! Thank you! Good luck to all of you who are pregnant - I am praying for you!!


Expectant Mother - May 4

I thought I was the only one on Premetrium because I could find no information about the drug or its side effects. I am 6wks today. I had miscarriage Jan 05. I went to the doc yesterday and after blood work, I found out that my progesterone level was at 17 which is lower than my doc likes. i am now on Premetrium (100 mg) once a day. The way it was explained to me is that when your progesterone level is low, your uterus isn't thickening enough to allow the baby to implant. On the down side, I did read somewhere that this medication can cause genital abnormalities in the baby. Does anyone know any other side effects of this medication. THANKS.


RM - May 5

I am 5 weeks pregnant and my doc put me on Premetrium 100 mg 4 times a day orally. I had a miscarraige at y7 weeks last year around the same time last year and am really scared now. My progesterone levels are 17 now and doc thinks they should be near 20. One of the side effects I am feeling is drowsiness. I called the doctor and he said this is normal. I hope things work out this time. Keeping fingers crossed



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