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RM - May 5

I am 5 weeks pregnant and my doc put me on Premetrium 100 mg 4 times a day orally. I had a miscarraige at y7 weeks last year around the same time last year and am really scared now. My progesterone levels are 17 now and doc thinks they should be near 20. One of the side effects I am feeling is drowsiness. I called the doctor and he said this is normal. I hope things work out this time. Keeping fingers crossed


DCL - May 6

ok. i was on provera for infertility treatment... then i found out i'm pregnant (just about 5 weeks) and my dr said to stop taking provera and start taking prometrium ... thing is... i've read online and it says NOT to take either medication while pregnant... i'm so confused!!!!!!!


SRG - May 6

Hi DCL, I read all about this as well, I am 13 weeks pregnant and just fininshing up my prescription of 2x100mg v____ally a day of Prometrium Progesterone. Trust me, although you will read all these things not to take on the websites, the DR's know what they are doing. My sister did not take it for 1 of her pregnancies and she mis-carried, they said that is why. I was so weary about taking it, I lost sleep over it, now I am so happy I chose to listen to my DR. and take it. Good Luck!


D - May 6

I was put on Progesterone Vaginal Supp. 200mg x2 a day. My doctor told me to take them until the end of wk 9 (!?). I was actually quite scared to stop as I have read on multiple posts that other women don't get off of it until wk 12. I spoke with the doctor twice and continued for 2 more wks once a day. I am waiting to see how things will progress now. In addition to the annoying leaking, I also have been having bad v____al irritation from the suppositories. Good luck!


Melissa - May 6

I just found out I was pregnant & woke up with spotting so I rushed to the doctors where they took my blood & told me my hcg level was 198 (low) but my progesterone level was only 7 (really low) & I was told that a baby can't survive without a level of 11. They immediately put me on prometrium 100mg 4x a day orally. Has anyone been in a similiar situation & if so what happened????


Shauna - May 7

HI everyone, I am 26, happily married and 6 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child. i found out at almost 5 weeks and the doct called me the day after bc my hcg levels were very low and I was just put on hormones to take every 6 hours. Doct says that my levels arent doubling like they should and said that there is a "problem" but isnt sure what sd that i may be be in the process of having a miscarriage. my doct put me on prometrium 100mg every 6 hours . I cant believe this bc I have had two healthy beautiful children and I want this child soooo bad. I really feel alone bc my husband doesnt understand that from the minute a woman finds out she is pregnant you whole mentality changes and you begin to prepare yourself for all the times to come. Its hard to be given such a miraculous gift and then find it it may be taken away. I am playing the waiting game now, the doct wants to see me every week to see if my levels start to rise or if i begin to have a miscarriage, its driving me crazy. How am i supposed to go about my day and be happy and supporting of my family through the daily responsibilities when on the inside i am going thru this emotional turmoil.any advice would be appreciated.


JessicaH - May 10

I'm taking 200mg of Prometrium the 1st-10th of every month..Have been taking it for the past 2 yrs now.


MB - May 11

On May 2nd my prog. was 31.8 and hcg was 1700. I went to the Dr. again on May 9th and my prog. had dropped to 15 but my hcg had risen to 20882. Is this normal? My dr. placed me on prometrium 2x daily at 200mg. I have had one miscarrage in Jan. 2005 and am now 7.5 weeks pregnant. I am scheduled for an ultrasound this Monday (16th) and hopefully a heartbeat will calm my nerves....anyone else having these problems?


mel - May 11

I am surprisingly preg again (after hubby had ole snip snip) I had a mc years ago and my prog levels were low. I went on an oral prog pill that was wretched. I had a full term baby that was very healthy from get go. Then I had another a__sumed mc and just few months later baby #2 was in oven. levels for prog low again and back to meds. also took codeine for horrific toothache(had pulled later) and we ended up with low amniotic fluid. Baby was small but full term and she is now a 2 1/2 year old pistol. # 3, as I said is really a surprise ( blessing really) Have no clue when this one jumped in the basket so we are having us. at 4-5 wks presumed counts were 2000 hcg and 13.5 prog. prometrium 200mg at night orally. makes me sleep really well but I am also concerned about warnings not to take if pregnant. first few day of taking had cramps, but may have been the baby burrowing into a developing lining thanks to meds. Have more bloodwork this week. hoping well for all of you. Anybody had previous exp w/ prometrium or are we all the guinea's for it's effects on pregnancy?


N - May 11

Dear "ME". I was a little concerned that you have proven low progesterone levels and are currently pregnant and still taking prometrium orally. My doctors advised me once pregnant, prometrium should be taken v____ally, or to take progesterone suppositories v____ally or progesterone injections. If you take it orally it is not as effective and crosses the placenta putting the baby at possible risk. If taken v____ally, the progesterone works directly on the uterus. I am on 100mg progesterone suppositories 3 X daily. My levels are only 12.9. Even after taking supplemental progesterone it is working in your system but a blood test will not detect the extra progesterone for some reason. I was very concerened after being on prog for several weeks that my levels were only 12.9, but my doc's insisted that it was working but couldn't be measured. I would check with your doctor to see if you can take it v____ally, or by injections to ensure you are maximizing the medicine into your system. Without taking the suppositories, I will miscarry. It has worked for 3 pregnancies for me so far, and I am now on my 4th. Good Luck.


Emma - May 11

I was 9 weeks pregnant and had a miscarriage on December 24th. I had an ultrasound and they detected a heart beat but it was low at 111 bpm. My HCG levels were not doubling and my other hormones were low too. My Dr. told me that this was most likely do to the fact that I was miscarrying and that my hormones weren't low just because I naturally may have low hormones. So my Dr. told me to take a month off before trying to conceive again. I waited a month and we started TTC in February. By doing BBT's I realized that I didn't ovulate in February or March. My Dr. said to give it a few more months and if I didn't start to ovulate then he would put me on Clomid. I didn't want to go on Clomid because my sister had adverse health effects when she was on it. So I started to see an acupuncturist who specializes in infertility and bam! I ovulated this month. But even though I ovulated my temps. didn't rise much afterward and so my acupuncturist suggested that I ask my Dr. to put me on a progesterone supplement for the second half of my cycle. I called my Dr. yesterday and he said that he had never heard of such a thing and that he ordinarily only prescribes a progesterone supplement after a confirmed pregnancy. I know that it sounds crazy but at this point I actually have more trust in my acupuncurist than my Dr. and I insisted that he prescribe the progesterone for me. I feel like if he would have done this back in December when he found that my hormones were low that I may have been able to carry the baby to full term. Has anyone else been prescribed Prometrium to help low progesterone levels after ovulation?


Jessi - May 11

Does anyone else take the pill orally and feel "leaky"? Or is it only happening when taken v____ally? I went to the ER today because I thought my water had broke and I am only 9 weeks pregnant! They said everything seemed to be fine, but they didn't fully understand why my underwear was so was like I urinated myself! I have seen that a lot of people on here have had the same problem but most only if they are taking the medication v____ally. I am taking it orally. Anyone else have the problem????


Lisa Ann - May 11

I started taking Prometrium v____ally during this cycle. I can't believe what happened. First, I AM THREE DAYS LATE and I have not started my period. All I get is a little spotting when I take the medicine. This medicine is messy. I took a pregnancy test and it was NEGATIVE! The test package said that fertility medicines could cause a false negative. I took Clomid this cycle and took and ovulation inducer (the one that is causing the test to read negative). So, I called my doctor and was told that Prometriun can DELAY A PERIOD and maybe even STOP A PERIOD. How is anyone supposed to know they are not pregnant if they don't get a period? I was told to stop the prometrium (and risk miscarriage) or continue to take prometrium and get a blood test. I will be getting a blood test tomorrow. I hope that it comes back positive because I have been trying for a year. I do leak and spot with this medicine. Thanks for reading. Good luck to you all!!


Janice - May 11

Lisa Ann - thank you so very much for your posting! I am in the same position!! I stopped taking Prometrium on Monday..I did 3 preg test - all negative, but I was spotting, same as I did last time I was preg. So, I am going to also go take a test tomorrow - just in case I should be taking Prometrium!! Let me know and good luck to you!! Thanks for your posting, I didn't know it could cause a false negative or delay or miss a period!


Lisa Ann - May 11

Janice, thanks for the reply. The ovulation inducer is what is causing the home pregnancy test to give a false reading. I don't think that prometrium would do that. Good luck!


staci - May 12

emma, I am on prometrium 400 mg at night orally...I was just put on these 2 weeks ago when my pg was doc normally only prescribes this at time of ovulation and then up to 10 weeks pg...I had a m/c in march and wanted to be proactive-she prescribed me this pill said that it wouldnt hurt either way if I took it or didnt, that it is fine and doesnt hurt the baby?! I dont know, other places I have called have said they do it this way but then other have said they prescribe once pg. it is supposed to help build the uterine lining so taking during ovulation is key I guess.



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