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staci - May 12

emma, I am on prometrium 400 mg at night orally...I was just put on these 2 weeks ago when my pg was doc normally only prescribes this at time of ovulation and then up to 10 weeks pg...I had a m/c in march and wanted to be proactive-she prescribed me this pill said that it wouldnt hurt either way if I took it or didnt, that it is fine and doesnt hurt the baby?! I dont know, other places I have called have said they do it this way but then other have said they prescribe once pg. it is supposed to help build the uterine lining so taking during ovulation is key I guess.


Emma - May 12

Staci, Thanks for your feedback. I also got a second opinion from another doctor yesterday and said that taking prometrium after ovulation was key to help women with low progesterone during the implantation stages and beyond. I don't know why my regular Dr. finds this so odd? I guess each Dr. is different.


Irene - May 14

I had 2 miscarriages since December. My dr prescribed 200 mg Prometrium (pill form) 2xday v____ally and I will start it the 4th day after ovulation. We are also trying to conceive during this time. My progesterone levels were very low with both miscarriages. I am also b___stfeeding my 2 YO. I had no such problems with my first baby. Any feedback?


BabyLove - May 17

Hi I am 6 weeks 5 days pregnant. Just had an ultrasound...detected heart beat at 142 bpm. Dr. mentioned Prometrium....m/c about 18 yrs ago and have never been pregnant since. My doctor prescribed Prometrium even without a blood test. I'm very concerned about taking a drug that says not to take when pregnant. Can anyone offer their opinion. Greatly appreciated.


Irene - May 17

Hi Baby Love, I share your concern. I called my Dr's office today to find out about taking it while being pregnant and b___stfeeding. Apparently, if it's taken v____ally, there are no risks. Did you talk to your dr? Perhaps your situation is different than mine. Also, I don't know yet if I'm pregnant. We are trying and taking Prometrium to avoid any more m/c's. Good luck!


Emma - May 17

I have a question for all of you on Prometrium. Do any of you know how it can affect the result of a plasma progesterone level test? I have been taking it since I ovulated. I started at 100 mg/day and then my Dr. increased it to 200 mg/day because my BBT was not rising as it should after ovulation even after taking 100 mg. I had a blood test done yesterday to test my progesterone levels and got the results back today and it was a 53. My Dr. said that this is extremely high and it could be possible that I am pregnant. He said to take a pregnancy test this weekend. He is unsure though how much the progesterone supplements can affect the test results???


Tracy - May 19

Just had IUI done Friday the 13th. Took Clomid, HCG and after IUI dr. put me on prometrium 200 mg. Question does prometrium keep your temp up and also delay your period? If so, this does not allow you any signs of pregnancy ??


ctherep - May 19

Had a threatened m/c @ 6 weeks, 4 days. Dr put me on prometrium 200mg by mouth, one a day. The RN in the ER gave me wrong info, saying it's not for use in pregnancy, and causes stroke, heart attack and dimentia. Friend told me RN she knows who delivers babies knows of 2 babies w/ problems the mom's blame on prometrium. BIG problems. Don't know which form of prometrium these women took. There are many forms, some are preg category X (DO NOT TAKE). The one I am taking is category B- ok in preg - make sure bennifet outweighs risk. Dr a__sures me he uses it all the time. It is confusing. I have an appt w/ a 'high risk' preg dr at end of May. I think he gives shots of this drug. I called his nurse and she said 'trust your dr, don't listen to others.' This is her way of saying they use it there, too. At least that's comforting.


Lisa - May 19

Ok, if you take prometrium v____ally there is no risk to the baby. My period stopped completely when I take it, so I have to stop taking it for a day or two to see if my period comes. If I don't have a period then I take a test and take it again if I do become pregnant. Hopefully this helps!!


Irene - May 19

Hi Lisa, You are in the exact same situation that I'm in. I take 200 mg v____ally twice a day and there is no risk to the baby or b___stfeeding (which I am still doing). If I get pregnant, I continue to take it for the first trimester. If not, I stop, get my period and start up again when I ovulate again. Good luck!


Sarah - May 24

I actually have a question but dont know how to get there...Anyhow my dr has put me on prometrium to get my cycles going and I am taking them days 16-25. My question is can this cause multiple babies? I am taking 200 mg orally.


cg - May 24

I am about 6 weeks pregnant. Per my doctor's orders, I started taking prometrium as soon as I found out I was pregnant (about 5 days ago). I was bleeding, then spotting before I started taking Prometrium, and now I have a slight brownish discharge. I am having an u/s tomorrow. I have had 3 previous miscarriages. I am really encouraged by all your postings though. It's the only website I could find that talks about pregnancy and prometrium. I wish you all the best!


staci - May 24

hi there, just wanted to see if there are others out there who are or have taken prometrium during pregnancy? I am curious to know, I am on 400 mg orally at night since I found out I was pg...I m/c in March and no af in between, have been taking it now for like 3 weeks...why is there so many varying views on taking this and not taking it and orally vs v____ally? HELP?


[email protected] - May 25

i pregnancy went i go to the bathroom and i clean my self i see like little gelly


mom 2 b - May 25

i am 4 wks & 3 days preg. was put on prometrium 100g 3xdy v____ally beca i had spotting and would be a sign of mc. have little side eff, just little drowsy.good luck to all


staci - May 25

just wanted to let you all know that I called the docs office again today just to verify if there were any risks with taking this drug. she told me they have to put the DO NOT TAKE on the labels b/c the FDA has not approved this drug to be taken to treat a pg. She said that there are no risks and to not worry, that almost every OB out there will prescribe this to prevent recurring m/c's. stay positive and know everything will be ok! I am trying to stay positive for myself and the baby!



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