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Autumsun - July 5

Eli, Prometrium delays or stops your period. I would consult your doctor again, you may not get your period if you still take prometrium.


Ellie - July 7

My dr. Put me on prometrium to get my cycles going and it has worked for me every month. We are also trying to get pg and I have been on prometrium for 3 months now and every month on the 10 day of taking the prometrium I get my period...


Kellie - July 7

Has anyone had a full term pregnancy on Prometrium and with there Beta hormone NOT doubling every 48 hrs? My projesterone was 11.5 on May 20 and 43 on May 28 after taking prometrium orally 100mg 2x a day. I am not doubling, but I am going up, we saw a heartbeat today, but Doc says it is a slow heartbeat. She says there is still a possiblity for miscarriage because I am bleeding, but shouldn't the beta going up and heartbeat be a good sign? I feel guilty for not being estatic, but I am afraid if I get too excited I will jinx the baby and it will hurt that much more if I miscarry.


Jena - July 7

Hey i am 5 weeks and 5 days preg!! But just one question...what is prometrium? i have never heard of it


Janice - July 7

I am 2 weeks and 4 days late for my ".". I took a total of 3 home preg tests and all were negative. My dr wanted to go ahead and schedule a laproscopy, but I asked for a blood test first to make sure in case I might be preg. I have a friend who is now 8 weeks preg who also had the home preg tests come out neg but the blood test came positive and she heard the baby's heart beat. Has anyone else had this happen? I have been on Prometrium for several months now b/c I had a m/c in Feb. Please advise if it might be possible to be preg even though the home preg tests are neg?


Shun - July 8

Janice it is possible that you are preg. The same thing happened to me. i took 2 HPT and both of them were neg. Then the following week i had my annual exam and told my dr my last menstrual cycle was in Apr. He did a blood test and called me back the next day and I was in early stages of pregnancy. I was very early when i found out. So the same exact thing may be happening to you. The pregnancy hormone HCG may not be strong enough right now to be detected with HPT. Good Luck.....I think you are :)


Janice - July 8

Thank you Shun...I hope you're right! Unfortunately, my drs office didn't get my results back in time before they closed today (they close at 1 on Fridays). So, now I have to wait all weekend. We'll see what happens...I so hope you're right! Thanks again for sharing! How far along are you now? and Congrats, by the way!!


Tami - July 8

I take prometrium also once a day at night; I recently had a miscarriage and my dr reserches it and it a 90% that it won't happen again I also take one baby asprin with it I think it's for blood clots.that is a side effect of the prometrium and i will continue until 12 weeks and than know more.


jackie - July 9

yes, i also am 5 weeks and on prom. 2times a day and also have the same problem.


Shun - July 10

Thanks Janice. I made 11 wks yesterday. i have to take the meds until i am 13 wks. This is my first pregnancy and i am excited. I pray nothing goes wrong. But so far so good. My doctor says everything is coming along pretty good. So i'll trust everything is okay. anyway i know God will look after me and everyone else too. He has a purpose for all of us. Thanks again. Good luck and God bless.


NPG - July 12

Hi, i was prescribed to take 200mg Prometrium v____ally twice a day for my menstrual problems. Yes, it does feel that i am leaking. However i noticed that it helps if i inserted it as deep inside as possible. Try inserting it further deep.


Maya - July 14

I'm taking prometrium 3x per day v____ally and I'm at 13 weeks, I would like to know how and when to stop. Could you tell me how you did it? thanks!


Janice - July 14

Well, my BT came back negative. I was so sure I am pregnant. The nurse told me to continue taking HPTs just in case. I can't get into the dr for another 2 weeks b/c he's on vacation and the others won't see me b/c I have irregular wait continues. Has anyone else had pain from taking the prometrium. I had bad pain in my lower rt side. Went to emergency and all test came back ok. They think its the prometrium or I have cysts. Any thoughts?


Bree - July 19

I am six weeks pregnant today. My progesterone level is 15.3 and it should be around 25. I had an ultrasound and saw that the baby's heart is beating. I have had two miscarriages in a row. I am scared. My doctor called in Prometrium 100 mg and I am to take it twice a day. I have read so much about the cream you rub on your abdomin, does the pill work well. I read on one site it does work that well but wans't sure if they were just promoting the cream. Tell me some sucess stories, please!


Margaret - July 24

TI- I have been as fretful as you. I have PCOS and I have had three m/c, 1 late second trimester stillbirth and 1 beautiful full term daughter. I am 18 week today and I am still taking the Prometrium, 200m X2 daily. My doctor told me that this wouldn't harm the baby nad it has quelled some of my fears. I took the medication with my daughter only until 13 weeks though. I have had 4 successful ultrasounds and so far so good. I would listen to what your doctor suggests and do what is best for you. I am going to remain positive and so should you.:)


Kristy - July 28

I just started taking Prometrium 3 times a day as well and am about 4 or 5 weeks pregnant. It does seem to be messy but not bad enough to have to worry about a pantyliner. Maybe you should try to get it further in. Good Luck!



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