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Kristy - July 28

I just started taking Prometrium 3 times a day as well and am about 4 or 5 weeks pregnant. It does seem to be messy but not bad enough to have to worry about a pantyliner. Maybe you should try to get it further in. Good Luck!


Erica - August 9

Thanks to all of you! I just started taking Prometrium because the doc said I have a small dermoid cyst and he said the medicine will hopefully shrink it. My husband and I have been trying to conceive now for about 5 months. I hope the prometrium helps me to get pregnant. Everybody around us is getting pregnant and it really depresses me that we have not been successful yet.


cfj503 - August 11

Ok, I just had a chemical pregnancy. My period is still not here (LMP 6/26/05) My dr gave me a RX of PROMETRIUM 200mg 2 by mouth everyday #60. I thought she said not to take them days 16-25. She is trying to restart my period and regulate me again. can anyone help me? how many days supply is that actually?


Stacy - August 12

I have had two failed pregnancys and I am taking prometrium. I am currently 5 weeks pregnant and take the oral form v____ally. I was told that this will cut way down on the "mess". You should ask your Dr. about it. Has any one noticed it causes a burning feeling?


Stacy - August 12

My Dr. also had me start taking 1 baby asprin a day to prevent blood clots that can lead to miscarriage. Thought this info might help someone.


grace - August 14

im 14 wks preggy and started prometrium when im on my 7th wks of preganancy.i miscarried 3x so im worrying that f i stop taking it,i dont know what will happen.pls. help!!!!


Stacy - August 14

Grace, It is my understanding that low progestrone is only a problem for the first 12 weeks then the placenta takes over producing the progestrone. So, the best advice I have for you is to praise the Lord that your Dr. was able to find a solution for you. No one on any of the pages I researched has ever said any thing about a miscarriage as far along as you are. Best of luck to you and I hope all goes well. Just remember to do what your doctor says and don't stop until he tells you to. By the way what was your level when you were put on the suppliments?


grace - August 14

stacy,thank u so much.well, my dr ask me to have blood test last march and my progesterone level was 19.48.he told me that everything was normal.even my husbands sperm count was checked.i told him that i know and its very easy for me to get pregnant,what i wanted was something to hold the baby coz i really had phobia of having another m/c.when i went back to my dr,i told him that i am pregnant by hpt.and he put me on aspirin and prometrium.and had another bld works showing that my factor V became high and this may be the cause of my m/ progesterone becane 18.18,and reffered me to a high risk dr.but as my previous dr he just told me to continue my aspirin and stop prometrium on the 13th week but still im taking prometrium coz im afraid of what will happen if i stop it.i was thinking of stoping it on my 16th wk.what do u think?


Stacy - August 15

Grace Find out if it will cause problems to continue until it is farther along in you pregnancy. It seems like if not it would be worth it for your piece of mind. I do think it would be OK after the first 12 weeks because the placenta takes over. Hey did you Dr. recheck you level after you had been on prometrium for a while? My Dr. is giving me a hard time with the recheck.


grace - August 15

stacy,when you will stop taking your baby aspirin?and for how long did you use prometrium?i wish everybody will have a safe pregnancy.


Auree - August 19

I am 6weeks pregnant & taking 100mg prometrium once a day by mouth. This is the 3rd time I've had to take this medicine during pregnancy, both of my other babies turned out perfectly healthy.


Stacy - August 19

It is good to here someone did well on the medication. I reciently had an algeric reaction to the prometrium and had to be taken off. I now get injections once a week. Does any one have experience with this?


annette - August 21

I am finally pregnant after taking Femara, profasi and IUI........started spotting thursday and my doctor put me on oral prometrium 200 mg in AM and 100 mg in question is has it caused severe abdominal pains, cramping and back pain for anyone else............also am thinking about suggesting taking the pills v____ally like i have read on here


Jennifer - August 24

My doctor recently put me on prometrium 200mg twice a day (like most on this page, I had multiple miscarriages in the past) far so good, I am 6-1/2 weeks and I can see a heartbeat, so I am optimistic, but still nervous. I don't like the sticky leaky feeling of the v____al suppositories, though.


Stacy - August 24

Prometrium made me feel bad as well. I did take it like a suppost_tory and had similar symptoms... I also had a rash develop so I was told to stop taking it. If you are having issues I can suggest two alternatives to speak to your Dr. about. I am currently starting taking progesterone suppositories made at Walgreens. They are the only pharmacy around me that does it. A good friend of mine went to a big city R.E. and that is what he gave her. You can also get injections. It is usually once a week and no mess but they knot up and hurt the whole week. Plus, most insurances don't want to pay for it. Thus, I am trying the suppost_tories made by the pharmacy. I am really sensitive to meds so I don't know that you would have any of the difficulties that I have. I am going to be 6 and a half weeks tomarrow... so far so good. I get a u/s at 7 and a half weeks to look for a heart beat. So my nerves are shot. Anyhow, hope this helps.


Stacy - August 24

Grace, I have been out of town... sorry it took so long to get back to you. My Dr. told me to stop taking the aspirin 26 weeks and my friend was told to stop taking hers at 36 weeks by a reproductive endocronoligist(sp?). I will plan to wait til about 30 to 36 weeks.



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