Q Is It True About Morning Sickness

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Amy - March 9

For all the women out here that have already had a baby, is it true that you get worse morning sickness if it is a girl? I have heard this but didn't know if anyone else had. :-)


J - March 9

I don't think m/s has anything to do with gender


Ginger - March 9

I do not know if it was because of it being a girl or it being my first pregnancy, but I was sicker with my girl. The second pregnancy (boy) was hardly any morning sickness.


Misty - March 9

With my son I had no m/s at all, none. Now I am pregnant again and I am nauseous(sp?)so I wonder the same thing. My mom had none with my brother but she did have it with me so maybe there is some truth to it : ) Different chromosemes after all.


Lori - March 9

Hi Amy~ This is my first but I haven't had any morning sickness and everyone keeps telling me it's a girl. They said since I'm breaking out and always tired that those are signs of a girl... Girls drain the beauty out of ya :)


lisa - March 9

i have 3 boys and pregnant with my 4th....with my boys i threw up non-stop...with my twins anyway with my singleton i did a whole lot in the beginning and a lot at the end.


Amy - March 9

Today was a rough day with morning sickness...I see my doctor tomorrow to hear the heartbeat! My older sister has 5 kids and with all her girls she got sick and with the 2 boys she didn't. Thanks for all your input:-)


E - March 9

It is not true. I was sick as hell and am due to have a boy any day.


Amy - March 9

At what point does the morning sickness go away??? It isn't bad everyday but I don't know when the time frame is where it is supposed to stop! Now would be nice. Does anyone have any info on this?


J - March 10

I had a boy last time and was sick and this time I am really sick I don't know if it another boy or not. My sister has one of each and was sick both times.


Mary - March 10

My mom had 2 boys and 2 girls - in her case she was very sick with the boys and not at all with the girls. However, someone here said something she tells me too - if you look ugly you are having a girl :)


tiffani - March 10

I have a boy and a girl and in my own experience, the morning sickness was the same. The biggest difference for me was the acne. I had it bad with my daughter, and not at all with my son. "They" say it's because of all the extra hormones needed to make a girl. I just found out last week i'm pregnant and look forward to trying to guess the s_x based on my symptoms and how they compare to my previous pregnancies.


Mel - March 10

My mother had me and my sister with no morning sickness at all, she told me she only got sick with me once and that was after eating onion rings...I myself have no children yet but I am 12 weeks pregnant now and so far I have not gotten sick, just felt like I was going to...oh great...now watch..I say that now and I will be sick later tonight...lol



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