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beardtl - October 4

How do you ladies feel about the testing for Down syndrome etc. if it comes back abnormal then they have to test the amniotic fluid...which carries a 1 out of 370 chance for miscarriage. To me it doesn't matter b/c if it comes back that something is wrong i'm not going to abort and it can't be fixed so i am questioning is it worth to get it. I know its a personal decision to be made but i am just looking for opinions on pros and cons...


jennifer_33106 - October 4

I went ahead and had it done even though I wouldnt abort. To me, in case there was a problem or I was high risk, I wanted to be prepared. Also though, alot of those tests give false positives. Actually up to 80%. Since they comapre you to every pregnant woman who is exactly your height, weight, weeks ect., if something is wrong then most likely you get a false positive. But anyways, I had it done to see if I was high risk so we could better prepare our selves.


cynthia502 - October 4

If your test comes back abnormal, it is your choice whether you want to do an amnio! You don't have to have the procedure. This is my 4th pregnancy and 2nd at an "advanced maternal age" as the doc puts it. I am 39. Most likely my blood test done at 15 weeks will come back abnormal because of my age which is a factor when they run their test. However, I will be getting a level II u/s soon. The doc says, although it is not 100%, it is very good at indicating potential for downs. It appears when they measure the space between the eyes and the skin fold on the back of the neck, it can indicate if there is a potential problem. A lot less obstrusive than an amnio and virtually the same results. It is a personal decision, as you stated. A pro would be that if it comes back that the baby has downs, you could prepare yourself for what you have to face with reasearch. A con is that is it unnecessary worry and risk of m/c when your chances are most likely very slim. There are many more reasons, but the decision is yours to make. Good luck!!!


sarah21 - October 4

I won't get it done because of the risk of miscarriage, and if it comes back a false positive or even real positive, I'm just going to be stressed out the rest of my pregnancy and I don't need that. And since I refuse to abort for any reason, it wasn't worthwhile to me or my husband so we are refusing the test, and my OB supports that.


BrendensMommy - October 4

I personally did it just for the ultrasound, which I had done yesterday. I didn't for my first child - and I'm actually wishing that I hadn't this time either, because now it's put those annoying "what if" thoughts into the back of my mind.


Sims1 - October 4

i'm so glad to have read this. i just saw the baby heartbeat for the first time today. I'm so excited. but i find in this process there's a lot excited and then it's follow with the scary....my dr as well asked me about the testing and i at the time said yes i would want to know....but now that i think about it and read what you ladies said, if there is a chance for a false positive then i'm saying no......becuase i wouldn't want the pressure of having to think about having the option to abort, and then think about what if it's a healthy child. i think i'll skip it all and take my chances adn love whatever god gives me. so glad this was brought up.


beardtl - October 4

Thanks for your responses- DH and I are still discussing but he is pretty much leaving it up to me- i told the dr yes b/c i kind of feel like they really really wanted me to do it so i said yes, but the more i think about it i don't think i am going to do it. I'm not high risk- i'm 27- good health- no drugs or disabilities in my family history etc ( i know those are not the only factors)- so...either way i love my baby and theres not anything to do to fix what they may find so- i believe i'm going to have to continue to pray and pa__s on the test.


melanie25 - October 4

Hi ladies I'm 25 and 13 weeks along with my first child which i conceived by ovulation induction and intra uterine insemination my OB suggested even though I'm young and healthy it was still a safe bet to have the test done. I was unsure as I had read all the flawed results both with being told your low risk and being told your high risk at first i was against it and my OB knows and supports me saying no to amnio but in the end I did the tests for down syndrome the way i looked at it is I'm like you I don't know the gender or if he/she is healthy but I know I love my baby more than anything already and it made me start to wonder what if there is something wrong and I don't know how to deal with it so thats why I had the test done we got to see in depth measurements of the baby and spend more time looking and watching and it was at that moment I knew I was doing the right thing because it wasn't as much of a what if afterwards I will find out my odds in the coming weeks but the fact is I love my baby and if there is something wrong I want to do best by the baby and be prepared I will and would never abort or do anything to put my baby in danger but the ultrasound and blood test are harder on you than the baby and in the long run could put your mind at rest I was having horrible nightmares before but now they are gone my OB says maybe I was stressed and am now relaxed about my pregnancy I hope I have helped its just my opinion but I will be finding out what s_x my baby is and I thought if I'm prepared for that surely I should be willing to find out if everything is ok first ....wish you all the best in your pregnancies ..... see ya



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