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Dani - April 21

Does anyone know of really, really good stretch mark cream? I just found out I'm pregnant and would like to start using cream. Thanks, Dani


Kimmy - April 21

You JUST found out you are pregnant ? Is this your first ? Are you excited ?


Kristen - April 21

I don't know of any - but when you find out - let me know!!! This is my second preg, and I am DREADING the stretch marks again... they haven't totally gone away from before. My doc always said that the creams on the market were a waste of money, and he told me to just use cocoa b___ter moisturizer. It never really helped with me the first time, maybe it will you? And the plus side if it does work - it's super cheap! Good Luck to you!


lilmum - April 21

i used the cream made my 'thyme maternity" but i still got stretch marks. they weren't bad, but i never got HUGE with my first so that could be why too. Drink lots and lots of water, that's what really makes your skin stretchy, and i've heard that aveeno makes a good cream, though i'm not sure if it's actually a stretch mark cream.


Kelly K - April 21

Anything with a good amount of cocoa b___ter should help ease stretch marks. Unfortunately nothing can completely prevent them. Good thing to start now though. The more conditioned the skin the easier it is to stretch. I started the second I found out I was pregnant too.


Alexis - April 21

Congratulations! I for one do not believe in stretch mark creams I used them with my first I spent tons of money on the palmers coco b___ter and put it on everyday, but I still got stretch marks lot's of them. I think it all depends on the elasticity of your skin my aunts don't get stretch marks and neither did my grandma on my dad's side, now my mom and our side that's a different story ;) I think the lotions do help ease the itching though. Good Luck!


Nikki - April 21

Dani, do you like your name? The reason I ask is because if I have a little girl I plan to name her Dani after my daddy. I thought that she maybe wouldn't like it once she got older but I love it! What's your thoughts? Were you teased as a child for having a boy's name? Thanks!


Desiree - April 21

Dani, its a proven fact that 50% of women get stretch marks and your chances are really good if your mom had them. They are genetic most of the time. In the meantime any moisterizer is good for you. Cocoa b___ter is probably the best though. But good luck and congrats on your new baby!


Melanie - April 21

the best stuff is 'beautiful belly balm'- It is made by wiseways herbals! It is fantastic! Good luck


Dani - April 22

Nikki, Actually my name is Danielle, but all my life since I was a little girl my family / friends have called me Dani...and yes I love my name "Dani" I think it's so cute! I never got teased when fam or friends would call me Dani in front of other kids. I say go for it!!!


chellestoar - April 22

my friends used Johnson's baby oil gel. they said it worked pretty good.. i put it on my stomach every morning.



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