Question HCG Level At 4 Weeks LMP

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Elda79 - May 31

good morning ladies! How are you? I slept for straight 14 hours last night. I don't know what's wrong with me - all i want to do is sleep. I feel tired and sleapy all the time. Lala I am so excited for you - I'm sure you'll be relieved after the u/s. Let us know what the outcome is ok? Cady how are you?


Elda79 - May 31



Cady - May 31

Hi girls! Elda, I've been ridiculously tired as well. But it's gotten a little better of the last few days. I'm farting a lot too. It was embara__sing during yoga cla__s yesterday, if you can imagine! My stomach feels upset almost all the time. I haven't felt bad enough to puke though. Have you been throwing up? I had a major cravng for a juicy hamburger yesterday and I don't usually eat red meat. It was the best meal I've eaten in a while and my stomach loved it. I guess the key is to listen to your body. My body hates chicken and coffee right now. How about you?


Cady - May 31

I have an appoitment with the nurse pract_tioner on June 13th. Then I will see the midwife about 3-4 weeks after that. They said they they will not perform an u/s until 18 weeks, unless there's unusual bleeding or history of previous miscarrigaes. is this normal? I never thought about getting one until you all sarted talking about it. I guess i have no reason to. What do you girls think? Anyway, I'll be 6 weeks along tomorrow and that means almost 8 weeks when I have my first appointment. I don't mind not getting one done until 18 weeks. I just want to be sure it's normal.


Elda79 - May 31

Hi Cady – I’m glad we are having the same symptoms. Yes, I have been puking once a day so far. I wake up so nauseous in the morning and so full. Have no desire to eat during all day, I don’t have cravings – I used to love chicken but I hate it now. I hate food in general, it looks gross to me and everything started to have a heavy smell. My ob/gyn will see me on June the 15th but she suggested that I have a transv____al u/s before my first appt. just to hear the heart beat and to take a look at the fetus also to determine exactly how far along I am and when the due date is going to be. From what I know you should get a u/s on your first trimester, usually a lot of women do it on their first ob/gyn appt. But then again I have a history of m/c’s so my situation is different than yours, so guess it depends. Aren’t you curious if you’re having twins or not?? Or what the heart beat rate is and stuff like that? So my point is; from what I understand u/s is done to show you what is going on in there and if something goes wrong at week 10 – waiting until week 18 might be late.


Cady - May 31

I've been really really hungry. Though that feeling quickly turns to nausea if I think of eating chicken. I hope I don't get too fat! I mean regular weigh is fine, but if I were to eat every time my body told me, I'd be a porker by now! So I guess I'll get more info about the u/s on my June 13th visit. I'll see what they say. I just google searched for info on when to get a first ultra sound and found that a lot of woman only get one at 18-20 weeks and that's it! I guess I am fine with that. Especially if everythiing seems ok with my bloodwork, etc. Do you know yet if you want to know the baby's s_x? I'm leaning towards yes, myself. It would be so hard to resist knowing!


Elda79 - May 31

I definitely want to know baby's s_x. I find it pointless to wait. I need to prepare the nursery, baby's clothes etc before she/he arrives so I know I'll want to know as early as possible :)


jrcreations - June 1

Ah, babies clothing, such a fun thing to shop for. My DH and I have gotten a few baby clothes in the near past, since we have not concieved yet (we're trying), we don't know the gender of the baby, personally I would like to have a boy as my first child so the younger siblings will have a big brother to look up to. Anyway, since we don't know what we will have, we got clothes in neutral colors (mostly yellow, but we got green also) I usually hate yellow, but thinking about a baby is quickly changing my foul mind :) Good-luck on your babes/pregnancies ladies :)


Elda79 - June 2

Hello girls - How are you doing today? I just wanted to let you know that I had my u/s done yesterday and I saw my baby and heard the heartbeat. It was amazing, my dh cried. We are soo happy. The heart rate was 131 and the nurse said it's pretty normal. I will talk the details with my doctor later on today. How are you two doing? Lala did you see your baby yet? Cady are you doing all right?


Cady - June 2

Hi Elda! I'm so happy for you and your dh! You must feel relieved. Yesterday I toured the hospital with the midwives in an extremely large group and saw the labor and delivery room, the post partum rooms, and the nursery. It was amazing. I'm really excited to go for my fist appointment on June 13th. It's cool b/c the midwves deliver in the hospital, but offer so many more choices for child birth. They have doctor's right there if you should need a c-section, but they said their c-section rate was only about 11%....they do see only low-risk patients low. They also said that their episiotomy rate was 3% or less! One said she hasn't had a rip in 2 years! That's good news! So I'm very comfortable with my choice. Now I'm just worrying about insurance. How much does it cost to have a baby anyway??? I feel great today, btw. I haven't had any morning sickness at all throughout my 6 weeks 1 day (don't hate may come!). I get really hungry really fast and certain food make me want to yack just thinking about it. Over all I'm doing well. I was very weepy yesterday. How about you?


Elda79 - June 2

I just spoke with my doctor - And basically she said that everything looks fine the baby looks great BUT she said that there is something else there in my sac. Something that they don't know what it is. Could be another baby or i don't know she wanted me to do another follow up u/s next Wednesday or Thursday. I am so worried - what could it be??? Evet if it's a twin the doctor said it's not developed. Cady I'm glad you had the opportunity to visit the hospital and witness a delivery that's great. I have no idea about the cost of the delivery, I think i'll worry about it in my second semester :) as we get closer. Anyways I'll let you ladies know. Talk to ya later


Lala - June 3

Hello, I hope everyone and their little jelly-beans are doing great! I did have an US already at 5 1/2 weeks, and will still have the other next week. Everything looks good! (less than 6 weeks is too early to see much). So far, so good. not many symptoms--I do get cramps in my back off and on, but that's commen early on. best to you all!


Cady - June 7

ELDA??? Any news???? I'm going away on vacation for a few weeks so I won't be checking this after this weekend (Sunday 11th). What did they find in the sac with the baby????


M2 - June 7

Hello All, My gyn found out that I have low Pro-gesterone(border line as he says). He has prescribed medicine for me to take twice a day. I would like to know how effective these medicines r in preventing a miscarriage....i have another ultra sound coming up soon....I have already had one miscarriage..I dotn want another one. Pls write to me...someone..thanks ?


Elda79 - June 8

Hi girls - hope you all are doing well. Cady, thanks for asking about me - I have my second u/s tomorrow morning, I'll let you know what it is. How are you holding up? I have really bad nausea in the morning when I wake up - I try sooo hard not to throw up in the subway (I have to take the metro every morning to work) that's the most difficult part of my day. I am still very sleepy during the day especially after lunch. I haven't gain any weight though - have you? Is your tummy growing yet? M2 - I am sorry but I have no idea regarding progesterone levels - thereis one m/c thread you can ask your question there - their answers will be more accurate. Lala what's going on with you? When is your 2nd u/s scheduled? I am 6 weeks and 3 days today - yeeyyy counting down


Lala - June 8

good to hear everyone's updates. I had my second (6 wks 4 days) US today. Everything looks great! I got to see the heart beating! Wow, noticable change in one week. This is all so exciting, isn't it?!



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