Question HCG Level At 4 Weeks LMP

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Lala - June 8

good to hear everyone's updates. I had my second (6 wks 4 days) US today. Everything looks great! I got to see the heart beating! Wow, noticable change in one week. This is all so exciting, isn't it?!


M2 - June 8

Hi Lala, Good to hear about your baby. You must have read what I have written. I did a lot of running aroudn today & now I m getting some pain in my lower feels this normal? someone please telll me????


Elda79 - June 9

I just had my second u/s today too :) 6 weeks 4 days - but the doctor thinks I'm 6 weeks 6 days. Well it's just one baby after all and the other sac that we saw the first time seem to have dissapeared - doc said these things are pretty normal so I'm not gonna worry about it. We say the baby and the heart beat- got lots of pictures. Baby looks huge compared to last week:)


Elda79 - June 9

m2 - lowen abdomen pain is very normal - nothing to worry


Lala - June 9

M2--I'm sorry; I guess I didn't read your post before. I agree that some cramping is normal. I've gotten it off and on. My best friend did through the 1st trimester, and it's the first sign of pregnancy for many women. What updates do you have?


M2 - June 9

Hi Lala & Elda, It's been a crazy day for me..I am movign my house so I wont have the internet for some time now. Well my cramping starts in the evening. No spotting..thanks heaven for that. After I have started taking the progesteron tablets I am experiencing dizziness...( not immediately after taking the tablet)...But when I feel dizzy I have to sleep for about 2 hours and then I am fine....I think it could be that maybe the progesterone levels are increasing and thats the reason why I am feeling a little bit of the pregnancy symtoms..but no luck with nausea or vomiting as yet...just a lot of salivation....


chenelle123 - August 12

Hello my name is chenelle , i just found out i was 4 weeks pregnant and when i went to the hospital last night my hcg level was 385 and he said im either having a miscarriage or i have an eptopic pregnancy. What is the normal hcg level suppose to be for 4 weeks ? thankss


Lledee23 - September 9

I am 4 weeks today and my hcg level is 880 and my progesterone level is 13.5. I have had 2 miscarrages before and now have a healthy 1 year old. People say high hcg levels indicate twins does anyone have twins? And what were the hcg levels?


trublu84 - March 30

hello... i have a question is it normal to be 2 weeks pregnant (or 4 weeks) and have an hcg level of 200? very worried that it might be too low and might have miscarried? please reply



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