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BJB - March 11

Has anyone tried using a doppler at 10 weeks and not found their babies heartbeat? I have been pretty anxious throughout this pregnancy anyway as had m/c in July 2005. Am 10 weeks along now. Had some spotting at 6.5weeks and had scan which showed baby with heartbeat although there was a small area of bleed next to the sac. Had no more bleeding so far, but have had more 2 private scans to try and stop my anxiety. Last one was at 8.2 weeks and everything was OK at that point. However I ordered a doppler earlier this week and have been using it for last 3 days. I have picked up something but it was about 89bpm, so I'm assuming this was my own heartbeat I could hear - if not then I'm worried that this was the babies, but this would be way too slow? For those that have used a doppler, did you find you picked up your own heartbeat? Does the babies heartbeat sound very different to your own - apart from it being twice as fast? Should I be panicking or could it just be too early to hear it?


pink_roses - March 11

i was able to hear my baby's heartbeat at 10 weeks (fetal age) but the nurse warned me beforehand that she might not be able to hear it if the baby is not in the right place. the baby is small inside the uterus so it is pretty cushioned and hard to feel and hear. it is not uncommon to not be able to hear it that this early. when she first out the doppler on my tummy, we heard my heartbeat. that is most likely what you are hearing. the baby's is really fast at this point- like 150 bpm or even faster. it was softer and i might not have been able to pick it up right away except that the nurse pointed it out. she had to move the doppler around a bit but then stayed for a little while at each spot to really listen. that is all i really know about dopplers. i hope this helps a little!


Cabbie - March 11

My dr could not even find the heartbeat with his high tech dopplar at 12 weeks. He did at 14. I am now 27 weeks along and doing fine. He usually won't try before 12 due to the lower odds of finding it and freaking out the patient. I have suffered three miscarriages in the last year and half and I did freak out, but everything was fine.


BJB - March 11

Thanks ladies, I'll try not to panic too much.


SuzieQ - March 11

BJB - I've rented a home doppler and can hear the heartbeat. I'm 10w6d, and have been able to hear it for about a week and a few days now. BUT, it's sometimes hard to hear the heartbeat, and at first it would take me almost ten minutes to just be able to pick it up. If I move even a fraction of an inch - poof - it's gone. What I did to find my heartrate was go to the lower left or right side of my abdomen - near the crease of my leg and waist and listened to my own heartbeat to hear the rythm. Also, it depends on when I do it - baby doesn't like me to be lying down for long - I have to walk for several minutes, lay down, and try right away. And after eating, all I can hear is my stomach making funny gurgling noises! AND, it depends on how much you weigh, and where the baby is - some babies are on the back of the uterus, making it extremely hard to hear, I've heard. So, I guess what I'm rambling on about is don't worry about not hearing the heartbeat yet - sometimes it takes up to 14 weeks. If you are really worried (I've had two m/c's so I completely understand) maybe push for another ultrasound, just to ease your mind. I would't panic (I know that's hard!) at all yet : ) Best wishes!


BJB - March 14

Thanks for your advice ladies. I had a scan today to put my mind at rest and all still looked fine. Was amazing actually, saw baby moving around and everything. The sonographer told me even experienced midwives struggle to get a hearbeat yet.


kaythans - March 17

With my first i couldnt hear the heart beat till I was almost 16 weeks. Talk about freaking out! But she is her moms child so I really couldnt expect anything less. lol. Glad to hear all is well!stay safe Hopefully this one wont be a Pain like the first one!lol



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