Question About Miscarriage

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Nancy - October 6

Does anyone know at what point your chances for m/c go way down?? I am in my 6th week of my first pregnancy...and I've never had a m/c, but its the normal worries most moms go through, "what if this...and, is everything going to be OK". I was just wondering if the chances go down slightly every week that goes by or what??


val - October 6

They usually say once you have seen the heartbeat on u/s your chances go down to about 10%...but that's not necessarily true if you have a really early u/s...I had an u/s at 7 wks 6 days, could see the little baby with arms and legs and a beating heart, and my dr. told me there was a 90% chance from there on out that things would be okay. But after you hit the 12 week mark your chances go down even further than that. It's not more week by week, but basically if you can get past 12 weeks you should be pretty much good to go. Not always, but your chances are MUCH better after 12 weeks. In the first 12 weeks the baby is just developing so much, that there are so many opportunities for things to go wrong. After that the baby pretty much just works on growing bigger and maturing. I know how you feel, I was so worried just like you. And I had cramps off and on until about 9 weeks which just made me worry more. You just have to take it one day at a time, try to tell yourself everything will be okay, and eventually the time starts to fly...I'm 13 weeks now and I have no idea where all this time went, it seems like I was just in the dr's office having that u/s done! Tomorrow is my 2nd appointment, I should get to hear the heartbeat. I am STILL worried. I don't think you ever stop worrying! I hope this helps you some, and I hope the best for you!! Good luck and congrats!!!


Nicole - October 6

I am also 8 weeks and 3 days. I am also very concerned with miscarrying. I have not had any miscarriages, and am only 21. I want to know my odds as well. I have alredy seen the heartbeat at 7 weeks 1 day on ultrasound. But until I can feel this baby moving, I feel their is always a chance of losing it. I am considering renting a doppler, maybe that will ease my worries some. Good Luck!!


victoria - October 6

hello Nancy,Val and Nicole, my name is victoria and I am new and I just wanted to say that I had a miscarriage in August and I am pregnant again due in May and I am still scared that was my first m/c and I dont want to do it again with this one I am about 6 weeks I think, I really try not to think about it because I think if I dont think about then maybe the days will go by faster plus I have to take care of my other 7 kids and my husband. so the best of luck to you all and I hope you have healthly babies.



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