Question About Morning Sickness And Prenatal Vitamins

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Andi13 - March 15

Normally I take my prenatal vitamin about an hour after I eat breakfast so that if I'm going to be sick, it'll happen before I take the vitamin. Well, this morning I did it in reverse because it's been about a week since I've had morning sickness to the point of actually throwing up. And of course after I ate I got sick. (I think they call that Murphy's Law!!!) So my question is...if you took your vitamin but then got you take another one? I couldn't tell if I kept the pill down or not but I'm assuming not!


RachelSierras - March 15

Some prenatal's are so strong your stomach can't handle it. My Dr. changed my brand and I've been fine also I switched to taking them b4 bed that way you don't get sick. It's work so well. I suggest take a half of one if your still going to take it in the morning and threw it up because most likely you did but not the whole pill.


Allisonc79 - March 16

I would stick to the safe side and not take another one just in case you might get too much Vitamin A, or feel worse from two doses. Take it right before bed so that feeling hits while your sleeping!


Pipa - March 16

I'm not sure about taking another one but I started taking mine after eating a piece of toast or something right before bed. It definitely helps b/c whenever I took them during the day whether on an empty stomach or full. I'd say ask your doctor but too much of something can be bad so I'd probably not take another.


Kristin11 - March 16

I always take my prenantals at night so there is no risk of throwing them back up. That is what worked best for me.


DeeD - March 17

I throw up every time I take a prenatal. So My doc switched me to evenings right before I go to bed...not had a problem since. Hope this helps!


heather28 - March 18

They tried that with me the first time. it didn't matter. I'd take it at bedtime and by 2 AM I was running to the bathroom and it would come right back up. They switched me to Flintstones, and what do you know that's what they had to do this time too.



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