Question About OB GYNs

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Liz - April 27

I called to get an appointment and they didn't even ask any information about anything, except why I was making an appointment.Is that normal?


jena - April 27

it could be that they were busy - they will (should) ask you TONS of information once you are there... but liking your OB is SO important so if you get a bad feeling at your appointment, i'd get a new doc! Good luck!


Liz - April 27

I just find it weird, they didn't atleast ask me what kind of test I had saying post_tive from the doctor or how far along I might be. I would think they would have atleast asked that. Liz


Kelly K - April 27

They didn't ask me anything on the phone either. The triage nurse will probably ask you everything and then they run their own tests. The receptionists don't have time to do the prescreening.


Liz - April 27

Ok, that makes sense Kelly. I just was wondering. Worry-Wort first time pregnancy


Rhonda - April 27

When I called for my first appt. they said okay we will have you come in for a pregnancy confirmation. they made me pee into a cup, a month later they weighed me, took my blood pressure, and a papsmere. no blood. tomorrow I have an ultrasound. still no blood and my dr. barley talks to me, I am very concerned, because of my weight I am a high risk pregnancy and he barely says anything or ask anything. So needless to say I am changing dr.s i think. If you have a bad feeling after your 1st appointment. Change do not stay unhappy like myself.


Hi - April 27

Not even "Do you have insurance?" This was typically the first question I was asked when I was searching for a doc. Kelly is on the money, they will run their own tests to confirm your pregnancy. So once you told the receptionist why you were making the appointment that was really all she needed to know. Good Luck!


Liz - April 27

Not even if I had insurance. After I told them why I was coming in, I informed them, because they didn't ask. I hope these people make more sense once I see them. Liz



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