Question About Ovary Pain At 4 Weeks Pregnant

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stacy78 - January 18

I'm 4 1/2 weeks pregnant and I just started having sharp shooting pains down by my right ovary, I just had a miscarriage a couple months ago, so I'm terrified that something might be wrong. Is this pain normal? Could i have a tubal pregnancy? I go to the doctor a week from today, will they be able to tell if i have a tubal pregnancy this early? Please help before i worry myself to death!


jen327 - January 18

Hi, my OB had me watching out for an eptopic pregnany too becuase my HCG was so low. They told me to watch for sholder pain, v____al spotting or bleeding and pain. My OB told me if I was in so much pain at times and nothing would stop it, I needed to go to the ER. She said this is why you pay for insurance and they can do an u/s to see if the tube is inflammed where the egg might have implanted. I ended up going because I was in pain at 5 1/2 w and was bleeing. Turned out they found the embryo and a gestational sac and it was not eptopic. THe pain I was having was ligaments or gas.


mommysneedlove2 - January 18

Hello ladies, I have a simialiar pain and Iam almost 6 weeks. Idon't belive it is eptopic. I think it's just gas lol. Itoo had a miscarriage a few mnths back and I worry so much but if you are truly unsure go with your gut feeling and call your doctor or go in and they can see for you. Sometimes we just need that reinsurance that everything will be okay! I was told by some other ladies in this forum that to look up round ligament pregnancy. it may just be that.. i find it most of the time being gas or our bodies adjusting to the new.


stacy78 - January 21

Thanks so much ladies, I feel much better knowing that these pains are pretty normal...they've started feeling more like aching now, like maybe my ligaments stretching, but I'm only 5 weeks, should I even be stretching yet?


moescrilla - January 21

I was having what felt like bh contractions at 5 weeks...but it was probably gas. My mother said she contracted the whole time throughout pregnancy, but who knows? Its common around 20 weeks...but 5 weeks??? lol... that darn gas! lol


KitCat - January 22

Hi ladies....I was wondering if any of you felt the same pain right before you got your bfp, around 7dpo? I've had an ectopic pg before and the pain last night wasn't as bad as that was, but it still hurt. It lasted about 4 or 5 hours and was on the right side. Me and dh have been waiting for a bfp for almost 2 years since my last m/c at 14 weeks, so maybe I'm just being hopeful. Thanks in advance for answering my post. KitCat


lawlady72 - January 23

I actually tested at 3 w 8 d because of ovary pain and got bfp. I had an appt scheduled for the following week and the found a tiny, tiny little sac (nothing else that early of course), but what she did see was free fluid in the area from when my follicle ruptured. She said that was where the pain was coming from and that it would disappate on it's own and the pain would stop. She was right and I will be 11 weeks on thursday.


stacy78 - January 23

what do all these acronyms mean? bfp, dpo?


Kerry5 - January 23

Stacey - I believe they mean bfp = big fat positive (pregnancy test) and dpo = days past ovulation. If I am wrong someone please correct me, thanks! I also had the aches on one side and had convinced myself I was having a tubal pregnancy (also miscarried prior). Just had my first u/s at 8W 4D and everything was great. I believe that pregnant women are so aware of the body that they fret over every little twist and twinge. I know I do!


KitCat - January 24

Wow ladies!!! Thanks for answering! I'm still too early in my cycle to test....only 8 or 9dpo. I usually just wait for af anyways, but thanks for giving me a glimmer of hope. xo


hapistuff - January 26

I have similar pain. I had an Ultra Sound yesterday and the doctor found that I have 2 cysts one on each ovary. This is why I have been having cramps and st_tches in my side. (Whew) They also saw some fluid and told me keep an eye out for spotting. They hope it just dissolved on its own. I only have a picture of the most prominent little bean. There is another smaller sac but it is too early to tell if it will develop or not. So the news is…I am pregnant with one, possibly two. I have to go back next week for a follow-up ultra sound. I hope this helps. GL (BTW I am 4weeks 6days)


grace2 - January 29

Hi Stacy, I'm about 5 weeks pregnant right now too (first time) and I totally feel for you. I think it is probably gas pains that we never paid attention to before that we're feeling. Also, the stress and worrying is enough to cause an upset stomach. There is definately some pain down there but I tend to feel it more when I think about it more- is this the same with you? Just try and relax, distract yourself because there is nothing that can be helped by worrying (I know, easier said than done). I'm sure my the time you (and I) get to that doctors appointment and she adresses your (and my) concerns, we'll feel alot better. You're not alone!



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