Question For All You Canadians Out There

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Cathy2 - February 15

HI guys, I see from some of your postings that a few of us in this sight are from Canada. I am from Mississauga Ontario. My question is, how have you gone about getting your OBGYN? My family doctor, at my first prenatal filled out a form and has sent it to the hospital where I will give birth. There, I hav ebeen put on a waiting list and once I hit 20 weeks or so he says I will be assigned a gyno and contact...from then on I will have regular appiontments with the gyno as well as my family doctor this the same process for you? First time prenant and want to make sure I'm not getting short changed here in anyway : )


javidsgirl - February 15

hey there cathy i live in etobicoke not far from you and that is a strange set up you got going . i am 14 weeks and i have a ob i had no problems getting one at all. i am also a first time mommy to. i see dr. cherry here in etobicoke . may i ask what hospital you are going to give birth? will it be credit valley? i am going to give birth at st. josephs health center


lqtoo - February 15

Hi cathy, I am from Toronto. I just called the hospital I wanted to give birth at as soon as I found out I was pregnant. They gave me a list of OBGYNs that were taking new patients, and I called the one I wanted and got an appointment set up for the first appointment, and an ultrasound at 12 weeks. I was told if I had issues that I could get an earlier appointment to see her right away (and that is what happenned - I have had 3 ultrasounds so far and I am just past 12 weeks). Your situation sounds pretty unique - I have never heard of it before. Maybe you can call and ask for an earlier appointment? I would hate to have had to wait until 20 weeks before even being seen at all. That is usually when people get their second ultrasound.


grace2 - February 15

Hey Cathy. That sounds like the typical procedure to me. I live in Ottawa and my family doctor reccomended an obstetrician for me (I didn't know anything about it so I trusted her to choose one for me). She made an appointment for me for and I wont be seeing the obstetrician until i'm 12 weeks. I didn't have to deal with a waiting list but i'm sure your ob. is worth waiting for. In the meantime I still have another appointment with my family doc. I guess the procedure is different if you choose the hospital you want to go to than if your GP just refers you to one.


javidsgirl - February 15

yeah i had to wait untill 12 weeks to see a ob to but i seen a peri before hand because i am high risk


Cathy2 - February 15

Javidsgirl, I am giving birth at Credit Valley...I think I will just call the hospital myself and get figure out how to get a,OB right away...I really like my family doctor, but after my appiontment next week, I would like to begin seeing someone who specializes in "babies"..I'll let you know what happens : ) Thanks everyone...


Tuckerfury - February 15

I live in Guelph, Ontario and my wifes first OB appointment will be on her 16th week. It took me calling and freaking out on them as initally they were not going to see her until the 23 week.



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