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marie - January 3

I am at 12wk2d...The heatbeat detected at 9wk.. What does spotting look like? Is a red spot on tissue when wipe?? Yesterday I ate too much, later I wipe and it have the usually clear discharge on tissue, plus 1 line of red color...Is that spotting?? I wipe again but nothing for rest of the day. Today I stand too long (3 hrs) and feeling strain on my back/below..When I wipe same as yesterday..In middle clear discharge have a red line..Wipe again and nothing...feel no pain or cramp...Anyone have same as me? I am scare as I have an missed m.c in June 2005..any suggestion?? I try to rest after seeing the red line..Thanks!


Teena - January 3

Most probaby you are fine, but just talk to your doc about it. Spotting is ususally a small amout of blood when wiping. Some women spot throughout their pregnancy but just to be safe get yourself checked.


Linette - January 3

Hi Marie and Teena. I, too, have been spotting. It's never on my underwear and only when I wipe. This is my 4th pregnancy. I have 3 dd's. ANYWAY, it is common for me to spot after having s_x. But this time around, I had spotting after s_x and then again around 4 days after that. It was only when I wiped though. I would just let your doc know about it. Especially if it keeps happening. I've heard so many people say that they spotted so it is really common. Also, just to let you know, I haven't told my doc b/c I'm not that worried about it. It has stopped and I haven't had any more since Sunday.


ma - January 23

I am 9wks pregnant & just experienced the same thing.Last Fri, I wiped & saw a pick discharge on tissue & saw 2 clots the size of a raisin on the toilet. Since then, I have had 2 episodes of pink discharge when wiping only after a bowel movement. I am certain that it is not a rectal bleed. I saw my OB right away & ordered for me to be off work for a week & ordered blood test for HCG quant & progesterone level x2, 3days apart to see if my levels are increasing. My ultrasound showed the baby's heartbeat but still out6side the amniotic sac. I am going to see him again this Thursday. I will let you know what he says. Take care & think positive. That is all that we can do for now.



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