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hawks13 - September 28

We are having our first baby and had an ultrasound the other day. My wife is 8 weeks. On the ultrasound you can see the baby, which is very cool, but when you look closer you can see the baby’s head tilted back all most bent backward where the chin is up in the air, the neck is extended and the back of its head close to its back. (hopefully that made sense). The doctor says it fine and the baby moves all the time. If we took another ultrasound, the baby would be in a different position. When I read information about the first trimester, a baby is starting to form joints and ones. All the ultra sounds I see online are where a baby in a cradle position. I know I am probably just freaking out because this is our first baby, but just wanted to get any feedback if this is a normal position or does this position mess anything as the baby is growing. Thanks, Tim


sarah21 - September 28

I'm sure it's just fine, especially if the midwife didn't comment on it. I saw the backside of my baby on the ultrasound-- the back of its head and the whole back and rump and toes sticking up but my first ultrasound was at 13 weeks. All ultrasounds can be different and it might have actually looked different if the ultrasound was done from a different angle.


cynthia502 - September 28

I bet she just caught your little one when he/se was in the middle of a "stretch" so to speak. Try not to worry....although, being pregnant with #4, I know it's easier said than done! Good luck to you!


Cevvin - September 29

remember that an ultrasound isn't the best view of your little one. I had 8-9 ultrasounds with my first, and some of the position looked really unnatural. Just the position they were showing you, nothing to worry about. Your baby isn't going to come out looking at the sky!!! Good Luck, and Congratulations


ChattyKathy - September 29

I'm not exactly sure what you think you are seeing, hawks. At 8 weeks, your baby doesn't really have a neck yet. That extends later in development. Its chin will be tucked in towards its chest. It wont be moving its head at all until later on. I think your baby is just fine, you are probably just looking at the picture the wrong way. go to and enter in "fetus at 8 weeks" There should be a good womb picture that shows exactly what your baby looks like right now.


joely - September 29

I am also 8 weeks (first baby) and had my first ultrasound this week. I say trust the doctor. No need to worry the baby is probably gonna be in some really weird positions through this pregnancy. I honestly couldn't understand what exactly I was seeing except the head with the eye sockets. The next ultrasound will be better Im sure. Good luck to you guys!


AMB - October 7

I have only posted a few times because I don't feel qualified to answer most questions, but this is something I know a little bit about :)-----I am a sonographer and the way you describe what you saw basically how babies loook at 8wks. So don't worry until your doctor tells you to worry...but I know that it is easier said than done



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