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J - February 9

Hi I have my first prenatal visit Thur. I am only 5 weeks. I had a m/c in Nov. so I asked the nurse when I made the appt. if the doctor did anything special since I had the m/c. She said no she just confirms the pregnancy. Which means giving me a test. I've already taken a few so I do know that I'm prg. anyway I have been reading these boards for a couple of months and many women say they've went to their doctors and know their HCG and progesterone levels is this blood work or urine samples? And should my doctor be performing these on me? I love my doctor she delivered my son and performed my dnc I am just wondering if she should be taking more precautionary measures since I did suffer a m/c months ago??? Please anyone!


Masonmom - February 9

After having a blighted ovum a few years ago, I tell the nurse that I would feel much better after they have taken blood to measure my HCG levels. Because of the blighted ovum, a chemical pregnancy and an eary miscarriage, I do not rely on pregnancy tests. I feel relieved when the HCG levels have doubled. I am now 12 weeks pregnant and have a 4 year old. With this pregnancy, my doctor immediately told me to take a baby aspirin and prescribed me Prometrium to ensure my pregnancy. I would call back the doctor's office and tell them you would feel much better if you could have blood drawn. Good luck!!!!


J - February 9

Thank you


Valerie - February 9

I agree with calling back the doctor and ordering your progesterone level and hcg levels checked. After 2 m/c, they finally ordered those tests early..found out my progesterone was too low, put me on prometrium and I had a baby girl. Normally , drs don't do anything until you've had 3 m/c. Don't wait. It could mean all the difference. Good luck and God bless :)


J - February 9

Did you ladies have a successful pregnancy before your m/c's? I had a beautiful healthy baby boy 2 years ago.


masonmom - February 9

I had the blighted ovum and the chemical pregnancy before I had my first child in 2000. Then last year when I started trying again, I had a miscarriage at 5 weeks and now I am 12 weeks along with my fingers crossed and really excited! :) By the way, it wasn't until this pregnancy that they gave me the Prometrium and told me to take the baby aspirin.


Beth - February 9

What is a chemical pregnancy?


J - February 9

My first pregnancy was perfect! My second ended in m/c at 8 weeks. I started spotting brown discharge on a Sat. and then on Mon. went to see my doc and we saw the baby and heartbeat but baby was only measuring 6 weeks then I continued to bleed and lost the baby by the end of the week. I don't know what kind of miscarriage this was I just know that when I went for my last ultrasound we saw the baby in the sac but it had died. Now I am 5 weeks and scared to death. Does progesterone or baby aspirin help?????


Tammy - February 11

J I'm in the same boat as you in some ways. i had a m/c in May and again in Oct. i am just now 4 weeks today. i have seen my doctor and i have started on Crinone gel 8%. i have my fingers crossed. has anyone used the crinone gel?


emma - February 11

Masonmom - i have just read this thread and I just want to say i am in roughly the same boat as j - your advice to her has given methe information i need to go and TELL my doctor to check my blood work as I had a miscarriage in November and I am positive that this was due to lack on progesterone. So thank you..


Tiffany - February 11

I had a m/c and then got pregnant after one cycle and my dr. only wanted to do a urine test. I told him my concerns about having another m/c and requested a blood test so that I could know my HCG levels to make sure that they were high enough and he did it so I would ask your dr. for the same thing.


masonmom - February 11

I am so glad I could help you all!! I would definitely ask about the baby aspirin as I believe it helps to thin out your blood so that the embryo attaches itself to the lining of your uterus. It wouldn't hurt to ask!


J - February 11

If I had a progesterone problem wouldn't I have had it with my first pregnancy? I delivered a healthy baby with no complications


jlynn41 - June 30

I had a healthy baby boy 4 years ago and have gone through two m/c this year and suspect i am pregnant again. the first miscarriage my doc wanted me to take a baby asprin and since i have switched docs due to a move they want to perscribe me pometrium. i wonder what the benifits of taking the baby asprin and the pometrium are at the same time if anyone has any ideas send me an e-mail at [email protected] thanks and good luck to all of you!!


Lydia - July 22

I am almost 7 weeks now and have been taking baby aspirin to prevent m/c. Does anyone know how long you are supposed to take the aspirin?



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