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Sue - April 5

I have my first dr appointment tomorrow! I am 8weeks 5 days-I am SO excited and VERY nervous-this is my first. Are there any questions I should ask the dr? this is also the first time I am going this practice-I would love ANY and ALL advice. thanks


lilmum - April 5

the questions you ask are up to you, but make sure you ask about anything he says that you don't understand, or anything you are worried about. If this is your ob/gyn then make sure you know where they deliver and that it's where you want to be. Also, at every visit they should be taking blood pressure and weight, so make sure they do. Your first appointment should include (or atleast book) blood tests and possibly urine tests. You should be getting a glucose test later in your pregnancy, but they will tell you about it when it's time. OH, and find out your due date. Otherwise, good luck and congradulations!


Lily - April 6

One thing my husband and I have been concerned about is the amount of folic acid in my diet...I've heard a lot of different stories about what dose is best. I know I will be asking that question at my first appointment.


RG - April 6

My first visit I was about 5w also, I saw the nurse on the first visit and I didn't have to ask her anything at all. She had a list of questions that she'd been asked in the past and went over almost all of them. From S_x to food, she covered all basis. I did ask one question, I don't know if you know what Relay for Life is, but it's a support thing for cancer and I'm planning on going as my father in law is a survivor and going through prostate cancer again, I was asking about people with radiation seeds and how close was too close to get to them. She said basically you'd have to have prolonged exposure to the radiation to do anything. (You get more radiation from sitting in front of the TV all day than you'd get from pa__sing by a person with a radiation seed). That really put my mind to ease...she also said if your man does oral on you....DO NOT let him b__w air up in there...she said it can cause something and kill the baby. (See I didn't have to ask hardly anything, she told me answers to things I wouldn't have thought to ask!) HE HE HE...hopefully you'll have a very through doctor that puts your mind to ease. Congrats and Good Luck!


Misty - April 6

Mostly I would go with what lilmum said, ask questions about things that you don't understand or things that worry you. The one thing I will add is that when you deliver your baby if your doctor is on vacation there is another doctor that will take his/her place. I would ask who that doctor is and try to get an appointment to meet him to see if I was comfortable with him or not.


lilmum - April 6

i would like to add something to what RG said about b__wing air 'up there'. It is true, but it won't just kill the baby, it will kill YOU. it creates air bubbles in your blood, and is very dangerous, but not too worrysome, as he'd actually have to BLOW.



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