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Christine - May 21

I got 2 + hpt's and my dr. apt isn't until 5/28/08 I have been trying to calculate my due date just to give myself a little info and I keep getting Jan 20 2009 as the due date and that I am 5 1/7 weeks along. OK - that's all good but here is where I need your help. My dr's office always does an early u/s to confirm the pregnancy and give accurate due dates. If my appointment is next wednesday I will be 6 1/7 weeks along. Is that to soon to see hb/fetal pole/sac? I have no symptoms right now other than my missed period and one sore br___t (which isn't even that sore). When they say that usually you can detect the hb/fetal pole/sac at 6 weeks is that six weeks from conception (by my calc. it states conception was 4/29) or from my LMP (which was 4/15/08 - a week and a half early than normal). I honestly think I should stop looking stuff up as I am making myself crazy thinking things aren't what they are and are what they aren't. I can't think clearly anymore! Here it comes - pregnant brain!


clindholm - May 21

Yes, they should be able to see the pregnancy on the scan. The heartbeat may or may not be there at that time depending on when you ovulated. The sac and fetal pole should be visable. Congratulations!


Megan P - May 21

I had a v____al ultrasound at 6 weeks with my first at my first appointment and I was able to see the sac and stuff. I am now 5 weeks with my second and we have the same due date! LMP 4-15-08- Jan 20th due date!


jstaley1228 - May 21

I had some early bleeding so they did an internal ultrasound at about 5 weeks and 4 days and they couldn't see anything yet other than the gestational sac. I do have to say that they person doing the ultrasound was not the usual lady who is really good, but we didn't see anything. I was kind of freaked out and I had a blighted ovum last year but I had my 8 week appt last week and we saw the little babe, hearbeat and all. I would think you should see something by 6 weeks but don't freak out too much if you don't. It's still early. Good luck1


clindholm - May 21

Megan- I have the same due date as my lo too!!! It's 12/7/08 and my dd was born 12/7/06.


mjvdec01 - May 21

If I were you I would put off the first appointment until 8 weeks. Why put yourself through that. If you wait until 8 weeks, the heartbeat will either be there, or it won't. There is no guesswork and no undue stress. I don't know why doctors ultrasounds so early?! I will be 31 weeks tomorrow with our second child and my OB always waits until atleast 8 weeks unless the mother has had problems in the past.


ritab1234 - May 21

Hi...I had my positive test pretty early, so I went to the doctor early...I was about five weeks and there was a heartbeat. The ultrasound picture just looked like a little circle blob, but there was a heartbeat (a nice surprise). I just had another appt. with ultrasound and you can totally see the head and the body...really cool and a big change from three weeks . Good Luck!


jenniferjo - May 21

I didn't do an early u/s with my dd(2), but we did with this one b/c of a miscarriage last Dec. We went at 6 weeks and they could see the sac, the baby(just a blob) and a faint heartbeat. I was terrified because it wasn't a good heartbeat, but the u/s tech a__sured me that it was good that we'd heard a heartbeat and that I just wasn't far enough along to hear it well. I'm 11 weeks tomorrow, yesterday we had normal appt and heart a strong heartbeat! I'd either make your appt later or at least not worry about the heartbeat until 8-10 weeks.



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