Quickening At 12 Weeks

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actually a queston - November 11

If everyone is feeling movement at eleven weeks could something be wrong since I am eleven weeks and have felt nothing close to movement yet? This is my third child, With my son I knew he was a boy because early in my fourth month i was lying back in the bath tub staring at my stomach and he kicked me at i saw the tiny limb poke out. I knew at that moment I was having a boy. Now reading all these posts I am concerned. Any answer would be great.


monatwon - June 6

hello and congrats all you preggos!! I'm 9 weeks pregnant and I definitely have felt the flutters of my baby.. this is my 3rd child and i know with out a doubt what it feels like. i felt it at 16 weeks with my first and bout 12 with my second. Doctors have confirmed that you can feel the flutters of your baby at 9 weeks. especially if your slender. What I can't stand is when some people (mama-beans) try to tell women what they are feeling and what they aren't. Every pregnancy is different just like every woman's body. We as pregnant women, know our bodies and what gas is. We are not dumb mama-beans. NO one has the right to tell any one else what's possible and what's not. Unless YOU are in our bodies and feel it for yourselves. So all you women feeling your babies.. CONGRATS!!! IT IS YOUR BABIES!!!!!! and Mama-beans, babies at this many weeks are bouncing around in our tummies and that is what we feel when our babies move. Do the research. we have!! right ladies??!!! much luck to your all...take care


anne - June 6

I did too at 12 weeks in my first pregnancy. I must have been about 110 lbs back then and every time i laid down - i could feel the baby wiggling. It was really amazing! So I totally believe you!


blakesmommy - April 9

I'm 12 weeks right now and the last couple of days have been noticing some fluttering right above my pubic bone where the crease is when I sit. I know it's not gas because it's generally the same time of day (at night) when I feel it or if I'm leaned over too much at the computer and I always have my gas in the morning so it's not that. lol Trust me. I also think my doctor may be wrong about my due date though because if you go by my actual last menstrual period I'd be almost 15 weeks. So I'm not sure, but I really think it may depend on even your pelvic bone size cuz it seems like it happened right when my uterus hit the top of my pubic bone and everyone starts showing at different times. It may have something to do with the pubic bone not blocking you from feeling it, but in reality I think these people at only 8 weeks are not feeling their baby or they are further along. If the baby barely has any limbs and still is considered an embryo it can't even kick off the side of your uterus. Even if it wiggles it's so tiny and there is enough fluid around the baby to coushin it. Sorry ladies, but yeah I'm going to have to disagree. And this is my second pregnancy. With my first I didn't feel fluttering. I just started feeling kicks at 17 weeks. I wonder if my babies just move different or I didn't pay attention to fluttering last time? Hopefully this one's a girl!


Bilmes123 - May 27

ok even though i found this thread late i can relate. as i sit at my computer or even when im laying down trying to sleep i feel that fluttering feeling...and i havent even had gas yet and im 11 weeks pregnant.


cherylc - May 28

I can't remember EXACTLY when I felt my first dd's movements, but it was around 12wks... but ONLY when I layed on my tummy with my hand pushing against it. It was weird. But I felt my younger daughter move for SURE by 12 wks (same thing), and could see her movements when I was laying on my belly by 14wks (ish)


Zandersluv - May 24

for the past week i have been feeling flutters on the lower right side of my stomach,at different times if the day.what could it be


Mamax2 - December 4

As an RN I can tell you at 7 weeks movement begins...so saying what is required for movement is not present is simply not true, movement is visable on ultrasound at week 7 normally. It is true that it's highly unlikely that it's detectable by mom at that stage though....and it certainly isn't going to be strong enough to wake you up. However I would not be so bold to say it's impossible to feel some quickening very early on. If my nursing experience has taught me one thing it's to listen to patients carefully, you would be amazed how well some people know their own body. I think it's nice if your lucky enough to already be getting love flutters that aren't fluffy gas!!


Momma2Six - April 4

Ok I am 8 weeks pregnant with my 6TH! I KNOW how my body is and I am aware of everything about it. I can feel my baby fluttering (and yes, even my doctor agrees with me). I am aware of what size my baby is and what it is and is not capable of. At this stage of development the baby DOES make random muscle twitches that CAN bump up against the side of the sac. I have discussed this with my doctor a LOT and he has told me flat out that I AM feeling my baby and its because I've already had so many kids and I am sensitive to whats going on with my body.


mommylovesyou - May 24

i know this is old but everyone saying its impossible is wrong! with my second i felt the first movement at 10 weeks & at 12 weeks ultrasound confirmed i was feeling that movement when i saw my baby kick at the same time i felt it. the dr & ultrasound tech both said it was definitely possible to feel it as it was my second (with my first i didnt feel anything until at least 17 weeks i believe maybe even later than that) this is now my third im 13 weeks & have been feeling it off & on for about 2 weeks now. i know its not gas by #3 i know the difference :)


flosbabies - February 28

It's frustrating when ppl. post things as fact, when it's obviously not fact because the information being given is incorrect. Unfortunately, you can't believe everything you're told, no matter how intelligent or academically educated the individual sounds. I appreciate another Nurse commented here also. I'm a nurse & a public health Nurse. I can also verify that the numerous statements made here claiming the baby is not physically capable of such movements is absolutely not true. I don't even need to go to the text books on this one because sometimes the text books are even seeing! (UNFORTUNATELY)...... Here ladies, enjoy! God is absolutely incredible! I think it is possible to feel the baby move early, although probably unlikely (esp. If it's your first child), it IS entirely POSSIBLE! :-) Watch by searching the following t_tle on YouTube: "9 weeks ultrasound baby moves!!!" It's 2 minutes & 19 seconds in length. It won't let me post the actually link :-( sorry.... Good luck!


flosbabies - February 28

ERROR/TYPO: seeing was supposed to be the word WRONG (in reference to information in text books). Knowledge changes. We learn as we evolve & adapt, making appropriate changes as we go!


bfuls - April 8

You can most definitely feel movement at 12 weeks!! This is called quickening and usually isn't felt until the 16th week, but I actually turned 12 months TODAY and had my first ultrasound and during the ultrasound I saw the baby move on the screen and experienced that fluttering/muscle spasm feeling just below my bellyb___ton. it was AMAZING [3 I didn't think I would feel the baby moving so early but technically the baby starts to move around at 8 weeks. I am very small (5'3" 106lbs.)so this may have something to do with being able to feel the baby so early, but everyone on this forum that says its IMPOSSIBLE is WRONG. I am proof of that. I also want to point out that every pregnancy is different and every woman is different, therefore because one person didn't feel movement until 20 weeks doesn't mean someone else cant feel movement at 12 weeks...and actually I felt this same feeling two days ago when I was still technically 11 weeks. anything is possible :)



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