Quitting Smoking

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embarrased - August 8

I am 9 weeks along in an unplanned pregnancy. I am trying to quit smoking and to be honest, its not going so well. Im wondering if there are any other smokers out there that have any tips pointers? I really hate the fact that this is so tough for me.


DMC - August 8

I'm right here with you. I'm 5 weeks and have been trying to quit for the last week. Today is my "quit day". Last week i cut down to anywhere between 5 and 10 b___ts a day. i did that all week so this morning it wasn't so so bad but now that its around lunch time i'm starting to feel a little on edge. I've read to drink lots of water and have hard candies to suck on. I"m doing that now. I don't think it's working, i still want a cigarette.


i know - August 8

hi ladies, I just want you to know that I smoked through all of my pregnancies (I'm not advocating this to be a good thing) I tried with my first one and after 2 days I had a doc appt. my blood pressure was high and my pulse and heart rate were up, when the doctor asked me what was going on I told him that I quit smoking and he told me I was going to have a heart attack. He told me to cut down and try to only smoke when I really needed it (like after meals) 30 years ago women smoked and drank and their kids are fine (they even smoked in the hospitals) If you can quit that's great if it is really that hard, cut down and keep your cigarettes somewhere where it's a ha__sle to have to get them so you only smoke when you really need one. Best of luck with everything.


CATHY C - August 8

Thank you! I am so tired of people giving me dirty looks and talking behind my back or directly telling me I have to quit. I am TRYING but it is hard. It is also hard for some people to understand that I am under Doctors Orders, NOT to quit cold turkey. I have recently been taken off of some medication that I have been on for years due to this pregnancy and she said that the added stress of quitting will likely cause more harm to my unborn than the few (15) cigs I smoke per day. I cut back from 2 packs down to 15 cigs and getting better everyday. I do feel ashamed and I don't smoke around people other than my husband and close friends who know what is going on. I am not showing but will soon and hopefully I will have kicked it by then but if not, it is still under my dr. orders. So please all of those out there that critisize those of us who smoke and are trying to quit, please try and understand that we might just know something about our conditions that you don't. Sorry don't mean to sound mean but I guess I just needed to vent a little


Kathy - August 8

I to have quit. I wasn't a heavy smoker but I did what you are, I cut back each day and put myself on a time table so that I would have to wait until 12:00 then wait until 5 and then till 10 then kept pushing myself to stick to my schedule. I also used suckers so that I would have somthing to do with my mouth and hands at the same time when others were smoking or I just had a craving. This helps so that once you get down to about three a day you can just stop and use more suckers. So far I have been smoke free for two weeks and going strong! I always said I would quit when I got pregnant so I had to stick to that. Good Luck!


mgw - August 8

Hi, I used to be a smoker but I actually quit cold turkey and havent looked at one in over a year. I wish I could offer some advice but I quit because my new boyfriend just stopped smoking and I made the change for him (well and my health). My question is, can you be on the patch while pregnant? My old receptionist smoked through both her pregnancies and the babies were ok (I'm also not justifying it). Congrats to all of you who have cut back. The sucker trick seems like a great idea, or maybe even chewing gum. Wish all of you well.


BG - August 8

I quit the day I took my HPT and found out I was pregnant. I had only been smoking for about six years, but I just told myself, it wasn't even an option and that was that. I even gave away the full carton I had just bought. Good Luck to all of you, it's been over a month now and I still crave them.


jessielouwho - August 8

Okay, first of all ladies, I have to say you are doing great. Keep it up. I was a smoker until I found out I was pregnant, I always swore the day I got pregnant I would quit. Well it wasn't "the day" but a week after I found out I smoked my last cigarette. Just one thing that bothers me that people say about smoking during pregnancy is that "so and so smoked with all their kids and they are all fine." Then I start thinking about these people and realize that just because they are "ok" at birth does not mean that smoking doesn't have long term effects. If I a___lyze the children of all these people I can actually recognize the problems caused by their mothers smoking while they were in the womb. Here are a few examples of some short and long term effects of smoking during pregnancy: Increased risk of apnea (breathing lapses) and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS or crib death), genetic damage that makes them more prone to developing respiratory diseases, ear infections, tuberculosis, cancer, food allergies, asthma, short stature, more difficulty with reading, mathematics and related skills, more likely to develop ADHD, conduct disorders and juvenille deliquency. So, I'm not trying criticize any of you, if you are cutting down or doing what your doctor recommended that's great. Alot of people only take into consideration what's happening while the baby is in their womb and don't think of the long term effects smoking could have on their child. My sister smoked w/ my nephew and he is ALWAYS sick and has ear infections like crazy and has asthma, my boyfriends sister lost her baby at 28 days old to SIDS, my mother in law smoked w/ all her kids and none of them finished school, 4 out of 5 were in and out of juvenille detention centers throughout their adolescence, my best friend smoked w/ all 3 of hers and they are HYPER and disobedient, so, I just wanted to give my baby a chance to have strong mental and physical health, if something goes wrong, it does, but I don't want it to be because of my smoking. Best of luck to you all.


Linda - August 9

You're not alone. I'm 8 weeks along, and still find it hard to kick the habit, although i am down from 2 packs, to one pack a day now. My OB is very kind, and understanding about it. He told me that right now, it's not too much of a concern. But that i could use the lowest mg. of nicotine gums, if i need to quit. He said to just get the lowest mg. they make. Which is what i plan to do. I feel so bad too, and even though it still might be bad, i wish that i could get down to 3 cigs. a day, from what i am smoking now. I tried to quit cold turkey one day, but i was very irritable, and stressed out with everyone around me. Then, my bp went up, so i agree with the pp about that quitting cold turkey can be more stressful. I know that if i can set some milestones with smoking, and get really down to business, that i could get down to maybe 2 or 3 cigs a day, and then even quit eventually. I know i don't want to be 8 mo. pregnant, and puffing along on a cigarette. Good luck to all who are in the same boat.


Mel - August 9

I was smoking 25 cigg's a day, and as soon as i found out i was pregnant with my first, i quit straight away, and i am pregnant again with my 2nd, and same thing again.... Good Luck :)


Kathy - August 9

At least you konw you are not alone, someone at work asked me about smoking since I had this giant bowl of suckers on my desk, when I told her I had quit and was using the suckers instead she said I was already a great mom! WOW! I hadn't thought of it that way but I just made my first sacrifice for my child. Just some food for thought. Good Luck and feel free to email me for encouragement on the days you just don't think you can make it without a cig, I would be glad to help. [email protected]


Emma - August 9

I am 5 weeks along and have to say I take my hat off to you ladies who managed to stop immediately.... I am one of those who always said I would stop immediately the minute I found out I was preg. but I have discovered it is not that easy. I am doing it by only smoking the cigarettes I do smoke half way - so in effect however many I smoke is half of what I was on before, and trying to such a mint when I want a cigarette. I am down to 10 a day now as opposed to 30 a day - so I suppose it's a good start - just gonna hang in there till I stop completely. Good luck to everyone......and *baby glue********


Jenn - August 9

I quit cold turkey with much help from my family ( my little brother tackled me and took one out of my hand, then stole my back and hid it) and my fab. boyfriend. Just tell people to help you. Hopefully they will.


LittleMe - August 10

I did quit. Then I started again, then I quit , then I started again and so on.. now I smoke 2-3 per day (15ish before I found out I was pregnant) and am going to try to quit again when this pack is finished!! My main motivation - GUILT!! Hang in there everybody - good luck - I know its not easy (especially when you are honest with your doc and he just tells you - obviously he has never smoked!!!)


Kathy - August 10

Don't think I quit cold turkey, I weened myself off of them with the time technique, try it and invest in suckers instead of mints, they keep both your mouth busy and your hands.


Natalie - August 10

itrs a difficult task to give up smoking, espicially with the added pressures of pregnancy. i suggest if you really want to give up, dont go cold turkey or your body will go into shock. try and wean yourself off of them or try the nicotine inhalers. eventually you wont be able to stand the smell of them!


Christina - August 10

I had trouble the first week I found out. It took reading a medical article saying that every drag of smoke blocks needed oxygen from going to the embryo or fetus. It also increases your chances of miscarriage, low birth weight, child with ADHD, and much more. but mostly the first part got me. Then I just had my last drag and threw them out. I have not even let my self stop at a store in the past few days. Good luck



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