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Ash - April 30

I was going to get a pet rabbit, a miniature one...called a Holland Lop. They are really cute if you havent seen one you should look them up. Anyways, I know when pregnant you shouldnt change cat litter boxes I was wondering if rodents (such as rabbits) were the same. Is this a bad idea? I just want to handle it, someone else could wash the cage out. Thanks


To Ash - May 1

Well, I have 4 rats I care for along with the rest of my zoo of animals. I have not read anything about any animals except the cats. You should be fine but as always ask the Dr. he/she knows best.


Justine - May 4

Ash - I've only heard it about cat litter boxes - I have a kitten. A pet rabbit should be fine - I'd get someone else to clean it out - its a good excuse not to do it anyway!


Heidi - May 4

I used to own house rabbits and none of my books ever said anything about pregnancy issues so you should be just fine.


Justine - May 6

Ash - I think cats pick up toxoplasmas from soil. I know indoor cats with no contact with other cats have very little chance of having the disease. So if your rabbit is an indoor only one with no contact with outdoor pets it should be fine to clean its box as well. If the rabbit will go outdoors I'd get someone else to clean it out. If you clean it out I'd wear rubber gloves or similar and wash your hands thoroughly afterwards. Enjoy your rabbit -pets are great.


Ashley - May 13

THANK YOU!! :) Got my boyfriend to cleanthe cage...heh


Rodent Friend - May 13

Rabbits aren't rodents


. - May 16

Name: Rodent Friend | Date: May 13, 2005, 14:31 Answer: Rabbits aren't rodents Really?!


Chloe - May 17

I breed rabbits and it is all right to clean them out, just make sure you leave their nest that the females make while pregnant, this can cause the rabbit to become destressed. if you want to handle your rabbit while pregnant you shoiuld gradually try and get the female use to being handled.


Jules - May 17

I have a Netherland Dwarf bunny, which are similar to a Holland Lop, only without lop ears. I would recommend getting either! They are great companions. And, if you get one while it is young and handle it alot, they can become very friendly and cuddly. They are also very clean and do not have an odor. I keep mine inside.


michelle - May 18

Rabbits aren't rodents. They are lagomorphs.It has something to do with their dent_tion. Lagomorphs have two sets of front teeth, one behind the other. Rodents only have one set.


I was being a smarty pants - May 18

Geez, people lighten up around here. Everyone is so quick to jump down someones throat. If you people read what I said in the first place you would have seen I typed "I have not read anything about any animals except the cats." Plus, "but as always ask the Dr. he/she knows best." Calm down around the boards and read.


Barbee - May 24

I am 7 months pregnant now and I was told that the issue that everyone knows about with cats is the same as with rabbits and hamsters. I was told that through a healthy start lady who comes to my house, she had asked a nurse. But I have yet to ask my doc.


A - May 24

Ash, You shouldn't have a problem- providing you do it on a regular basis. You don't want to wait too long because the ammonia smell when you do clean it will make you sick. Not sure what you are using on the bottom of the cage, but wood shavings work wonders for the smell and soaking it up.


carina - June 27

you shouldn't handle the pregnant rabbit alot because when it gives birth she is not going to take care of her babies(she is not going to feed them etc.)i can tell you this because i also have a pregnant rabbit.


Barbee - June 27

I'm pregnant and I have a rabbit. I still play with my bunny and everything, but my husband cleans the cage for me.



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