Raging Hormones

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J - February 7

I am about 5 weeks and find myself very very very moody. Getting mad at my husband for practically nothing!!! Anyone else going through this? Much worse than any PMS I've ever had! God help those around me!


jenn - February 7

I have that. It comes and goes. I'm about 7 weeks now and have gotten it pretty much under control.... I think. My husband is thankful.


Lucky1 - February 7

Hi J, I had the same problem at about 5 weeks, I was extremely emotional, and I felt like I hated my husband even though I knew he didn't do ANYTHING to me. Sometimes I would just lay in bed next to him and just look at him as he slept and try to figure out why I disliked him so much. I realized that it was my hormones and I just kept reminding my self of that. I posted it on here I will try to find it. I was in absolute tears when I posted it....Yes, I was that emotional. I promise you J it will get better, just keep reminding yourself thats this is the man that you love ......


Sherry - February 10

I am really going through that I feel like I just have to pick a fight for nothing something as simple as what are we going to eat I feel like he is aggatating and and agervating me it is silly though I had to explain to him that it maybe just because I feel terrible some days!


Beth - February 10

Well I think it is hitting me this morning . . .and at work of all places. I am on the phone ALL DAY with customers and right now if I hear att_tude from them I am snapping back. . .I just want to go home!! :0(


jerry - February 20

my wife had it bad for all of the first 3 months, literally crazy. She had to be hospitalized but i stayed by her side even as she gave me those "You did this" looks. I love her dearly and am anxiously awaiting the post-partum. for now she is loving and "sane" she is at 24 weeks. Hang in there ladies, not all gents can handle as much as I can.


Brittany - February 20

i am almost 7 weeks pregnant and am very moody one minute i'll be mad at my boyfriend for no reason, i cry for no reason and the next i'll by normal and happy. it is seriously an emotional roller coaster.



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